Oct 24 - UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. From the moment we wake up to the second we go to sleep, we're bombarded by media and technology. We read the news on our smartphones, play the latest apps on our tablets and catch up on the newest TV and movies on Hulu and Netflix.
Physics Oct 24

Press release issued: 24 October 2014 - New research, published just before British Summer Time ends, shows that proposals to permanently increase the hours of waking daylight could increase children's activity levels.

Medicine Oct 23

The Mentor Mother program trains women to provide health information and conduct home visits to pregnant women and to help the mothers raise healthier children.

Medicine Oct 24

The Roman-British population from c. 200-400 AD appears to have had far less gum disease than we have today, according to a study of skulls at the Natural History Museum led by a King's College London periodontist.

Medicine Oct 23

Neuroblastoma is one of the deadliest childhood cancers - Scientists at the University of Liverpool have uncovered a new target for drugs that could battle a lethal childhood cancer known as neuroblastoma.

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