Nov 27 - A growing number of academic researchers are mining social media data to learn about both online and offline human behaviour. In recent years, studies have claimed the ability to predict everything from summer blockbusters to fluctuations in the stock market.
Life Sciences Nov 27

People affected by a common inherited form of autism could be helped by a drug that is being tested as a treatment for cancer, according to researchers from the University of Edinburgh and McGill University.

Environmental Sciences Nov 26

Our structure (research) - Impact of our research - Postgraduate research - 26 Nov 2014 - A new study has pulled together research into the most diverse place on earth to demonstrate how the organisms below-ground could hold the key to understanding how the worlds ecosystems function and how they are responding to climate change.

Life Sciences Nov 26
Life Sciences

Dogs listen to our words, not just our voices, says Sussex study - Dog owners often claim their pets understand everything they say.

Medicine Nov 26

The presence of an immune-suppressing protein in non-cancerous immune cells may predict how patients with different types of cancer respond to treatment, a multi-center phase I study using an investigational immune therapy drug has found.

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