Life SciencesAug 20 - Neanderthal groups lived alongside modern humans for several thousand years, an international team of scientists has found, overturning previous theories about the extinction of Neanderthals. The team applied a new radiocarbon dating method which revealed that Neanderthals across Europe did not all die out at one time as modern humans appeared.
Psychology Aug 20

Research by the University of Liverpool suggests that, contrary to popular opinion, it can be good to feel bad at work, whilst feeling good in the workplace can also lead to negative outcomes.

Life Sciences Aug 20
Life Sciences

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark and Caltech have developed a new method for organizing molecules on the nanoscale.

Physics Aug 20

Laser device may end pin pricks, improve quality of life for diabetics - Posted August 20, 2014; 03:45 p.m. by John Sullivan, Office of Engineering - Princeton University researchers have developed a way to use a laser

Medicine Aug 20

20 Aug 2014 - Work by scientists at the Universities of Manchester and Auckland suggest that both major forms of diabetes, type-1 and type-2, are the result of the same mechanism.

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