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Mar 17 - Women, less-attractive men lag in the effort to find financial backing for startups. You can't judge a startup by the looks of its founder - but many potential investors do. That's the upshot of a newly published study co-authored by MIT researchers, which shows that attractive men have disproportionate success in obtaining venture capital funding for startups, compared with women and with less physically appealing men.
Chemistry Mar 16

Nanotechnology could turn shrubbery into supercharged energy producers or sensors for explosives.

Social Sciences Feb 28

An MIT political scientist proposes a new polling method to reveal how voters make choices at the ballot box.

Medicine Feb 24

Low-cost urine test developed by MIT engineers amplifies signals from growing tumors to detect disease.

Medicine Feb 11

Robot protocol able to cut time and cost of Phase III drug trials by 70 percent. The development of drugs to treat acute stroke or aid in stroke recovery is a multibillion-dollar endeavor that only rarely pays off in the form of government-approved pharmaceuticals.

Life Sciences Mar 11

Biologists identify extracellular proteins that help aggressive tumors spread through the body. About 90 percent of cancer deaths are caused by tumors that have spread from their original locations.

Social Sciences Feb 26

Study shows a regular decline in length of social media messaging during public events as the volume of messages increases.

Physics Feb 20

MIT researchers propose using distant quasars to test Bell's theorem.

Life Sciences Feb 10

New MIT nanoparticles offer best-ever gene silencing, could help treat liver diseases. Inspired by tiny particles that carry cholesterol through the body, MIT chemical engineers have designed nanoparticles that can deliver snippets of genetic material that turn off disease-causing genes.

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