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Computer Science Apr 23
Computer ScienceIn the last 10 years, computer security researchers have shown that malicious hackers don't need to see your data in order to steal your data. From the pattern in which your computer accesses its memory banks, adversaries can infer a shocking amount about what's stored there.
Computer Science Apr 23
Computer Science

To the naked eye, buildings and bridges appear fixed in place, unmoved by forces like wind and rain. But in fact, these large structures do experience imperceptibly small vibrations that, depending on their frequency, may indicate instability or structural damage.

Administration Apr 22

According to present plans, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) - now under construction across the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia - will be the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa, and one of the 12 largest in the world.

Physics Apr 21

MIT physicists have developed a new tabletop particle detector that is able to identify single electrons in a radioactive gas.

Medicine Apr 22

More than 100 drugs have been approved to treat cancer, but predicting which ones will help a particular patient is an inexact science at best.

Mathematics Apr 22

Drizzling honey on toast can produce mesmerizing, meandering patterns, as the syrupy fluid ripples and coils in a sticky, golden thread.

Arts and Design Apr 17

Researchers at the MIT Media Laboratory are developing a new wearable device that turns the user's thumbnail into a miniature wireless track pad.

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