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BusinessSep 23 - How can Africa find new ways to spark economic growth? That is the focus of a wide-ranging public symposium hosted by the Center for International Studies as part of its Starr Forum event series. The event will be held on Wednesday, Sept.
Environmental Sciences Sep 23
Environmental Sciences

Whether the public is reading about the Ebola outbreak in Africa or watching YouTube videos on the benefits of the latest diet, it's clear that reporting on science and technology profoundly shapes modern life.

Life Sciences Sep 21
Life Sciences

In recent years, new strains of bacteria have emerged that resist even the most powerful antibiotics.

Physics Sep 21

A major limitation in the performance of solar cells happens within the photovoltaic material itself: When photons strike the molecules of a solar cell, they transfer their energy, producing quasi-particles called excitons - an energized state of molecules.

Physics Sep 18

Researchers at MIT's Laboratory for Nuclear Science have released new measurements that promise to shed light on the origin of dark matter.

Life Sciences Sep 21
Life Sciences

Shellfish such as mussels and barnacles secrete very sticky proteins that help them cling to rocks or ship hulls, even underwater.

Mechanical Engineering Sep 21
Mechanical Engineering

Researchers at MIT have improved a proposed liquid battery system that could enable renewable energy sources to compete with conventional power plants.

Computer Science Sep 19
Computer Science

Researchers at MIT and Northeastern University have equipped a robot with a novel tactile sensor that lets it grasp a USB cable draped freely over a hook and insert it into a USB port.

Business Sep 18

The following is adapted from an announcement by the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum has named Susan Hockfield, president emerita of MIT, professor of neuroscience, and member of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, as chair of its online learning initiative, Forum Academy.

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