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Environmental Sciences Aug 28
Environmental SciencesAs a raindrop falls through the atmosphere, it can attract tens to hundreds of tiny aerosol particles to its surface before hitting the ground. The process by which droplets and aerosols attract is coagulation, a natural phenomenon that can act to clear the air of pollutants like soot, sulfates, and organic particles.
Earth Sciences Aug 27
Earth Sciences

Each spring, powerful dust storms in the deserts of Mongolia and northern China send thick clouds of particles into the atmosphere.

Business Aug 27

Smart temperature-control devices - such as thermostats that learn and adjust to pre-programmed temperatures - are poised to increase comfort and save energy in homes.

Computer Science Aug 25

Nobody likes flight delays, but they are a common occurrence: In 2011, about 20 percent of U.S. flights were at least 15 minutes behind schedule.

Life Sciences Aug 27

In 2011, MIT neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe and colleagues reported that in blind adults, brain regions normally dedicated to vision processing instea

Life Sciences Aug 26
Life Sciences

For more than a decade, gene sequencers have been improving more rapidly than the computers required to make sense of their outputs.

Life Sciences Aug 24
Life Sciences

Invading microbial pathogens must scavenge essential nutrients from their host organism in order to survive and replicate.

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