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Administration May 24
AdministrationThe below op-ed, by MIT President L. Rafael Reif, appears in today's  Washington Post . In 2012, MIT researchers introduced a liquid-impregnated surface that made the inside of a bottle so slippery that ketchup would flow out freely to the last drop.
Medicine May 22

MIT researchers have shown that they can use a microfluidic cell-squeezing device to introduce specific antigens inside the immune system's B cells, providing a new approach to developing and implementing antigen-presenting cell vaccines.

Chemistry May 21

Graphene is a material with a host of potential applications, including in flexible light sources, solar panels that could be integrated into windows, and membranes to desalinate and purify water.

Physics May 20

Researchers have found a way to couple the properties of different two-dimensional materials to provide an exceptional degree of control over light waves.

Physics May 21

Last summer, MIT researchers published a paper describing an algorithm that can recover intelligible speech from the analysis of the minute vibrations of objects in video captured through soundproof glass.

Life Sciences May 21
Life Sciences

How is the mind formed, and what does it mean to be human? - These are the questions that intrigue Edward Boyden, an associate professor of biological engineering and brain and cognitive sciences at MIT.

Computer Science May 20

As anyone who's ever used a spreadsheet can attest, it's often convenient to organize data into tables.

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