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Mar 19 - Chemists devise a new way to manufacture peptide drugs, which hold promise for treating many diseases. Small protein fragments, also called peptides, are promising as drugs because they can be designed for very specific functions inside living cells.
Life Sciences Mar 18

Inner-ear membrane uses tiny pores to mechanically separate sounds, researchers find. Even in a crowded room full of background noise, the human ear is remarkably adept at tuning in to a single voice - a feat that has proved remarkably difficult for computers to match.

Physics Mar 16

Study may lead to more efficient water-desalination systems, fundamental understanding of fluid flow.

Medicine Mar 13

Sequencing of cancer cell genomes reveals potential new drug targets for an aggressive type of lung cancer.

Life Sciences Mar 11

Biologists identify extracellular proteins that help aggressive tumors spread through the body. About 90 percent of cancer deaths are caused by tumors that have spread from their original locations.

Business Mar 17

Women, less-attractive men lag in the effort to find financial backing for startups. You can't judge a startup by the looks of its founder - but many potential investors do.

Chemistry Mar 16

Nanotechnology could turn shrubbery into supercharged energy producers or sensors for explosives.

Microtechnics Mar 13

A new robotic fish can change direction almost as rapidly as a real fish. Soft robots - which don't just have soft exteriors but are also powered by fluid flowing through flexible channels - have become a sufficiently popular research topic that they now have their own journal, Soft Robotics .

Astronomy Mar 5

MIT team proposes storing extra rocket fuel in space for future missions. Future lunar missions may be fueled by gas stations in space, according to MIT engineers: A spacecraft might dock at a propellant depot, somewhere between the Earth and the moon, and pick up extra rocket fuel before making its way to the lunar surface.

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