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Jan 23 - After a career that included work as a White House advisor in the Carter administration and as a partner at Goldman Sachs, Larry Linden SM '70, PhD '76 has turned his attention to what he says is the most critical issue facing humanity today: the threat of catastrophic global climate change.
Chemistry Jan 22

Research combining experimental work and detailed molecular simulations has revealed, for the first time, the complex role that water plays in collagen - a protein that is a component of tendons, bone, skin and other structural tissues in the body.

Earth Sciences Jan 20

Carbon sequestration promises to address greenhouse-gas emissions by capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and injecting it deep below the Earth's surface, where it would permanently solidify into rock.

Environmental Sciences Jan 20
Environmental Sciences

When a person lives on less than $2 a day - as some 2.7 billion people around the world do - there isn't room for a product like a solar lantern or a water filter to fail.

Computer Science Jan 21

Optimization algorithms, which try to find the minimum values of mathematical functions, are everywhere in engineering.

Physics Jan 20

Some physical principles have been considered immutable since the time of Isaac Newton: Light always travels in straight lines.

Medicine Jan 20

Lydia Bourouiba, the Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Assistant Professor in MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, garnered media attention last year for her research showing that aerosol particles produce

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