Veterinary - Jan 27

Researchers at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) are seeking to enrol veterinary practices as they begin a study to determine and benchmark individual and herd-level passive transfer status across dairy herds within the UK. This is the first study to examine the issue from a UK wide perspective and will provide the largest amount of information to date which will inform best practice and benefit both farmers and vets.

Health - Jan 27

Jorge Ramón, a researcher at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Valencia, has explored, through the satirical press of the late nineteenth century, how the social and media perception of the cholera epidemic of 1885 in Valencia evolved - which killed 4,919 people, 3.45% of the registered population - as it spread through the city and its surroundings.

Environment - Jan 27

Switzerland's groundwater is home to a multitude of hitherto unknown organisms. An Eawag research project is shining a light into the darkness and revealing this habitat's exceptional biodiversity.

Physics - Jan 27

Researchers at EPFL have developed a new technique that can visualize and control the rotation of a handful of spins arranged in a vortex-like texture at the fastest speed ever achieved. The breakthrough can advance "spintronics", a technology that includes new types of computer memory, logic gates, and high-precision sensors.

Health - Jan 26

The introduction of the soft drinks industry levy - the -sugary drinks tax in England was followed by a drop in the number of cases of obesity among older primary school children, according to Cambridge researchers.

Environment - Jan 26

A new study published today in Nature Sustainability has found that using hydropower dams to generate low emission energy can cause problems for other economic sectors such as food production unless smart designs are employed.

Environment - Jan 27

Until now, mountain regions have been largely spared from biological invasions. But a new monitoring study shows that alien plants are spreading rapidly to higher altitudes along transport routes worldwide.

Environment - Jan 27

A University of Queensland-led study has shown that expanding global seaweed farming could go a long way to addressing the planet's food security, biodiversity loss and climate change challenges.

Mathematics - Jan 27

A new measure can help scientists decide which estimation method to use when modeling a particular data problem.

Life Sciences - Jan 26

New research offers potential benefits for those affected by the hereditary metabolic disease methylmalonic aciduria. By combining the results of multiple molecular analyses, scientists can better diagnose this rare and severe disease. In the future, an improved understanding of the disease might also improve treatment options.

Health - Jan 26

Loyalty card data on over-the-counter medicine purchases could help spot ovarian cancer cases earlier, an Imperial College London-led study suggests.

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PhD Student in Biosensors, Microfluidics and AI Lucerne University of Applied Sciences
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