Environment - Jun 25
A formidable space tourism industry may have a greater climate effect than the aviation industry and undo repair to the protective ozone layer if left unregulated, according to a new study led by UCL.
Life Sciences - Jun 24
Life Sciences

Proteins control and organize almost every aspect of life. The totality of all proteins in a living organism, a tissue or a cell is called the proteome.

Agronomy - Jun 24

Scientists evaluate the evidence that intensive livestock farming is causing pandemics, and find that intensive farming could actually reduce the risk of future pandemics compared to 'free range' farming.

Physics - Jun 24

New study published in the scientific journal "Carbon"

Psychology - Jun 23

Researchers say people with Developmental Dyslexia have specific strengths relating to exploring the unknown that have contributed to the successful adaptation and survival of our species. -The deficit-centred view of dyslexia isn-t telling the whole story.

Physics - Jun 23

After 60 years of unsuccessful searches, an international research team has discovered a neutral nucleus for the first time - the tetra-neutron.

Life Sciences - Jun 24

A survey of life indoors reveals that resident humans and microbes adapt to each other. Within and upon every human being reside countless microorganisms — the microbiota that help shape and direct the lives of their hosts.

Earth Sciences - Jun 24
Earth Sciences

Global warming and a progressively drier climate in many parts of the world are causing more dust storms.

Linguistics - Jun 24

Scientists have produced a series of maps showing historical migration events, including the migration of mountain farmers native to Upper Valais who began to settle in German-speaking Switzerland in the 13th century, by applying methods from population genetics - but using linguistic data rather than genes.

Health - Jun 23

Local government spending cuts are associated with worse multimorbidity and health-related quality of life according to a study by University of Manchester health economists.

Politics - Jun 23

Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce were the most unpopular leaders of any party since 1987, new analysis of the 2022 federal election from The Australian National University (ANU) shows.

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