Magnetism boosts hydrogen production in model catalysts

Physics - Apr 16

Brazilian website Bulgarian website Greek website Indonesian website LatAm website Romanian website Researchers at the University of Twente have shown how to improve the efficiency of hydrogen production in an experimental setup. They showed that the magnetic order of the molecules plays a critical role.

A frustrated jet in the centre of the Milky Way

Astronomy & Space

Magnetic fields spiral around the mass monster Sagittarius A* and form up for a restart.

Gaia spots a large dormant black hole in our Galaxy

Astronomy & Space

A high-mass stellar black hole has been discovered in preliminary data from the Gaia satellite by an international team led by astronomers from the University of Geneva.

Paleontology - Apr 16

Seed ferns: plants experimented with complex leaf vein networks 201 million years ago


Flowering plant-type leaf veins died out and re-evolved several times in the course of the Earth's history.

New analysis reveals brutal history of Winchcombe meteorite’s space journey

Astronomy & Space

Intensive new nano-analysis of the Winchcombe meteorite has revealed how it was affected by water and repeatedly smashed apart and reassembled on the journey it took through space before landing in an English sheep field in 2021.

Life Sciences - Apr 15

An enzyme makes mushrooms ’magical’

Life Sciences

An international research team has investigated the biosynthesis of psilocybin, the main ingredient of hallucinogenic mushrooms. They gained new insights into the structure and reaction mechanism of the enzyme PsiM. It plays a key role in the production of psilocybin. The results of the study were published in the journal "Nature Communications". 

Physics - Apr 16

Understanding the universe - SHiP experiment promises new insights into the world of elementary particles


Researchers from six German research institutions are making a significant contribution to the development of detectors for a new experiment at CERN, the research centre for particle physics.

Environment - Apr 16

The response capacity of marine phytoplankton species to global warming confirmed

Mara Segovia, Erasmus+ researcher at the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (ICBiBe) of the University of Valencia, has participated in a study that reveals the response capacity of seaweed to the effects of climate change.

Environment - Apr 16

For more sustainable palm oil production


Research team outlines ways to make oil palm cultivation more ecologically and economically sustainable.

Life Sciences - Apr 16

Twisted pollen tubes induce infertility

Life Sciences

Plants with multiple sets of chromosomes have advantages over their relatives with a double set. But why they often start out infertile was only partially understood. Biologists at ETH Zurich have now discovered a new reason for the initial difficulties.

Environment - Apr 15

Bumblebees don’t care about pesticide cocktails


In their natural environment, wild bees are exposed to various pesticides that can have a potentially toxic effect. A study by the University of Würzburg has now shown that bumblebees are relatively resistant to these products.

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