Innovation - May 20
Olive oil is one of the most prestigious agri-foods in Spain and it is the base of the Mediterranean diet. This is why adulteration and commercial fraud cases occur when it comes to the origin and varieties of a product with such an economic and business interest. Now, a team from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences and the Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety Research ( INSA ) of the University of Barcelona presents a new authentication tool to check the geographical origin of virgin olive oil as a control on the quality, tradition and product linked to the territory.
Paleontology - May 20

An international team of scientists from UCL, the Swedish Museum of Natural History, the University of Florence and Natural History Museum have found a remarkable type of fossilization that has remained almost entirely overlooked until now.

Psychology - May 20

New statistical method applied for the first time

Health - May 20

Western biomaterials expert Kibret Mequanint - in partnership with Malcolm Xing from University of Manitoba - has developed the first-ever hydrophobic (water-hating) fluid, which displaces body fluids surrounding an injury allowing for near-instantaneous gelling, sealing and healing of injured tissue.

Environment - May 19

A new robot is capable of switching from an underwater drone to an aerial vehicle in less than one second. The robot also features a suction disc inspired by the remora fish, which enables it to hitchhike on wet or dry moving objects to significantly reduce its power consumption. It is designed for biological and environmental monitoring in marine ecosystems such as surveying ocean pollution in the open sea as the scientist of Beihang University, Imperial College London and Empa point out in a new study published in Science Robotics.

Chemistry - May 20

Glucose energy source for medicinal implants and sensors - Mini-fuel cell generates electricity using the body's sugar Glucose is the most important energy source in the human body.

Earth Sciences - May 20
Earth Sciences

Engineers at EPFL and the University of Geneva believe they hold the key to automated drone mapping. By combining artificial intelligence with a new algorithm, their method promises to considerably reduce the time and resources needed to accurately scan complex landscapes.

Health - May 20

A new study by investigators at the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) and Harvard shows the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus caused more excess deaths in just eight weeks than the Delta variant caused in its entire 23-week outbreak.

Environment - May 19

Researchers have developed a low-cost device that can selectively capture carbon dioxide gas while it charges.

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