Health - Aug 12
Writing in The Conversation, Dr Sophie Adler (UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health) and Dr Konrad Wagstyl (UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology) discuss a new algorithm, which can help find subtle brain abnormalities, known as focal cortical dysplasia.
Health - Aug 12

An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that can detect subtle brain abnormalities which cause epileptic seizures has been developed by a UCL-led team of international researchers.

Psychology - Aug 12

Study: Patient-Centered Pain Care Using Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Health Tools. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective alternative to opioid painkillers for managing chronic pain. But getting patients to complete those programs is challenging, especially because psychotherapy often requires multiple sessions and mental health specialists are scarce.

Health - Aug 12

Researchers from the University of Glasgow are setting out to find a new way to monitor and measure the tiny signals created when nerve cells transmit information to skeletal muscles. The research project, called MAGNABLE, could enable future generations of prosthetic limbs to respond directly to instructions from users' muscles.

Health - Aug 12

Researchers have discovered that they can control the stickiness of adhesive bandages using ultrasound waves and bubbles.

Social Sciences - Aug 12

Study: The Effectiveness of the Say-Something Anonymous Reporting System in Preventing School Violence: A Cluster Randomized Control Trial in 19 Middle Schools. Students are more likely to report warning signs of potentially threatening behavior if an anonymous reporting system is available to them, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of Michigan.

Chemistry - Aug 12

Chemists successfully synthesize a cationic, low-valent aluminum complex salt via metathesis.

Life Sciences - Aug 12
Life Sciences

Researchers have found a toxic protein that causes rare genetic forms of motor neurone disease may be involved in nerve cell death in all forms of the disorder.

Astronomy - Aug 12

Artist's concept of a Neptune-sized planet, left, around a blue, A-type star. UC Berkeley astronomers have discovered a hard-to-find gas giant around one of these bright, but short-lived, stars, right at the edge of the hot Neptune desert where the star's strong radiation likely strips any giant planet of its gas.

Health - Aug 12

A small clinical trial conducted by Johns Hopkins scientists shows an experimental drug suppresses COVID-19-related inflammation and brain injury.

Health - Aug 12

Reduced calorie intake has been shown to improve health and lifespan in laboratory animals, and recent research shows these benefits may extend to humans as well. In a new study, Yale researchers show that moderate calorie restriction in people reduces the production of a protein called SPARC, which then reins in harmful inflammation and improves health in the aged.

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