Will plastics soon be easier to degrade?

Chemistry - Apr 12

A research team has developed a new type of polymer, the main component of plastics, which is more easily degradable than conventional materials. Mechanical treatment such as grinding, combined with the use of an alkaline solution, is all that's needed to facilitate chemical recycling and reduce environmental impact

Prehistoric eyed idols spread across the Iberian Peninsula from the Serpis River basin, according to a study with Artificial Intelligence

History & Archeology

A Digital Archaeology pioneering study has revealed that the eyed idols of the Iberian Peninsula, prehistoric figures carved from long bones that repr

Physics - Apr 12

The energy transition under the nanoscope: Gravitation funding for ANION

Bringing together chemists and physicists to thoroughly investigate how electrochemical processes work on the smallest scale. That is the goal of the new Advanced Nano-electrochemistry Institute of the Netherlands, or ANION for short. The consortium receives a Gravitation funding of 23.6 million euros for this purpose. Professor Petra de Jongh from Utrecht University is one of the co-applicants.

Quantum electronics: Charge travels like light in bilayer graphene

Materials Science

International research team show potential for nanoscale transistors in all-carbon film.

Microtechnics - Apr 11

How to have a more natural conversation with a robot


New Waterloo Engineering-led research quickens the response time for robots to react to human conversation Talking to a robot often feels stilted or d

Environment - Apr 11

Study improves understanding of effects of household air pollution during pregnancy

In a new study, researchers from Oxford's Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health have found that pregnant mothers' exposure to air pollution from indoor stoves did not affect the development of their babies in any statistically significant way, challenging conventional wisdom regarding the impact of household air pollution on fetal growth.

For future space missions: Scientists develop hood to measure brain activity in space

Astronomy & Space

Prof. Patrique Fiedler and his team at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMTI) at TU Ilmenau are working on an EEG system suitable for use in space.

Stellar winds of three sun-like stars detected for the first time

Astronomy & Space

Astrophysicists were able to quantify the mass loss of stars via their stellar winds.

Innovation - Apr 11

Advance in light-based computing shows capabilities for future smart cameras


Science + Technology UCLA-developed experimental device demonstrates ability to reduce glare in images Key takeaways.

Health - Apr 11

Study Lays the Basis for New Knowledge on Gastrointestinal Diseases


The transition from the esophagus to the stomach is a delicate region from a medical point of view, often associated with pathological disorders leading to cancer. An international research team has now gained new insights into this region. These pave the way for new prevention and treatment options.

Health - Apr 11

Study unpicks why childhood maltreatment continues to impact on mental and physical health into adulthood


Childhood maltreatment can continue to have an impact long into adulthood because of how it effects an individual's risk of poor physical health and t

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