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Environment - Business - Sep 20
Dairy cows on a farm near Roxbury, Wisconsin. UW-Madison researchers found that a combination of ideal cow genetics, improved feeding strategies and better manure management could allow dairy farms to cut emissions by a third to almost half, while producing more milk with less feed.
History - Business - Sep 18

Are we more stressed now than our ancestors were? A new book by a Sussex historian could hold the answer. Dr Jill Kirby 's book Feeling the strain: a cultural history of stress in twentieth-century Britain , explores the popular discourse of nerves and stress over the last hundred years.

Transport - Business - Sep 16
Transport - Business

Many Americans use a ride-hailing service - like Uber or Lyft - to get to and from work. It provides the privacy of riding in a personal car and the convenience of catching up on emails or social media during traffic jams.

Business - Sep 9

An expert in gender stereotypes and consumer culture predicts new advertising rules in the UK may result in sperm banks overhauling their marketing strategies. Cardiff University academic Dr Francesca Sobande was lead author on a research paper which concluded sperm banks in the UK and Australia are using gender archetypes to attract donors because laws prohibit them from paying for sperm.

Environment - Business - Sep 4
Environment - Business

She was involved in developing the world's most accurate clock, and now she helps companies adopt more sustainable business practices: Petrissa Eckle, Executive Director of the Sustainability in Business Lab at ETH Zurich.

Business - Social Sciences - Sep 18

For Hollywood to be a more inclusive and diverse industry, companies need to implement a five-point strategy for hiring, sponsoring and promoting minorities and women — especially women of color — a new UCLA study suggests.

Environment - Business - Sep 16
Environment - Business

Economic development plans often overlook a crucial detail - ecosystems that provide essential services to people.

Environment - Business - Sep 5

From decarbonising heat to food security and water sustainability, we're working to bring about improvements that will benefit nature and the well-being of the planet. Durham's research is having an impact on the environment and potentially all of our lives.

Environment - Business - Sep 3

Two EPFL researchers have contributed to a discussion paper for new members of the European Parliament, published ahead of the resumption of parliamentary business this week. In their chapter, they suggest that reversing the tide of deindustrialization and redistributing industrial activities in Europe could cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the long run.

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