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Physics - Business Mar 22
Physics - Business
On the long journey from the fruit plantation to the retailer's shelf, fruits can quickly perish. In particular, the refrigeration inside the cargo containers is not always guaranteed and existing methods for measuring the temperature are not sufficiently reliable.
Politics - Business Mar 20
Politics - Business

Just five per cent of Conservative Party members voted for Ukip in 2015, according to research published by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and the University of Sussex.

Business - Careers Mar 14

A new study found that women working in the financial advisory industry are punished more severely than their male coworkers for similar misconduct.

Business Mar 15

By Shilo Rea Early detection is critical for improving treatment for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Business - Careers Mar 9
Business - Careers

Research news - The symptoms of ADHD foster important traits associated with entrepreneurship. That conclusion was reached in a study conducted by an international team of economists, who found that entrepreneurs with ADHD embrace new experiences and demonstrate passion and persistence.

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Postdoctoral position (100%) in Marketing or consumer behavior Université de Neuchâtel, Institut de l’entreprise
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Professore in Percorsi di vita e invecchiamento SUPSI, Manno
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Senior Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in im Bereich Digitalisierung im Tourismus Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft
Business/Economics - 21.03
Dozent/in mit Leitungsaufgaben in Forschungsprojekten und in der Weiterbildung (60-80%) Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft
Business/Economics - 08.03
Senior Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft
Physics/Materials Science - 23.03
Assistant professor in powder metallurgy KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Business/Economics - 23.03
Lecturer / Senior Lecturer / Associate Professor - Actuarial Studies University of Melbourne
Business/Economics - 22.03
Assis­tant Professor, non-­tenure track Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Social Sciences - 16.03
University Assistant (post doc) Universität Wien
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