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Business - Computer Science - May 16
Facebook's boss Mark Zuckerberg finds his company under threat of a breakup. (Photo by Anthony Quintano via WikiCommons) Facebook, weathering an onslaught of bad press, is concerned enough to have announced this week it is making a $7.5 million investment in a partnership with three universities - UC Berkeley, Cornell and Maryland - to develop new methods to improve detection of fake content, fake news and misinformation campaigns.
Business - May 16

16 May 2019 As the UK heads towards a cashless society, experts have warned changes to infrastructure - including easy access to free ATMs - are leaving some of the most deprived communities behind.

Business - May 2

Macroeconomist Emi Nakamura is the fourth woman to receive the John Bates Clark Medal since it began in 1947. (Photo by Genevieve Shiffrar) Emi Nakamura, a UC Berkeley economist, is this year's recipient of the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal , widely viewed as second only in prestige to the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.

Health - Business - Apr 29

Workers in Flint, Michigan protest in favor of a $15 minimum wage earlier this month. A new study from UC Berkeley shows that a 10 percent increase in the minimum wage could prevent suicides.

Environment - Business - Apr 24

As states take the lead in confronting climate change, their flagship policy is a program that requires that a certain percentage of the state's electricity come from renewable sources.

Health - Business - May 10

Improving China's medical payment models was the topic of discussion when Yale School of Public Health Dean Sten H. Vermund traveled to Beijing in January 2019 to meet with officials from China's National Health Commission as part of the country's ongoing healthcare reform efforts.

Environment - Business - May 2

Rooftop solar projects at schools could reduce harmful air pollution, help the environment and enhance student learning while cutting electricity costs, a new study finds. Overall, the energy switch could deliver benefits valued at $4 billion.

Career - Business - Apr 25
Career - Business

Companies with fewer levels of management such as legal, accountancy and investment banking firms could be up to five times more susceptible to corruption than similar sized organisations with a ta

Environment - Business - Apr 22
Environment - Business

Recycling is becoming harder and more expensive in the U.S. and policymakers are increasingly seeking solutions to mounting trash.

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