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Business Mar 15
One-in-three adults in England and Northern Ireland (NI) cannot work out the correct change from a shopping trip, according to new research from UCL and University of Cambridge. The findings show that adults in England and NI perform worse on everyday financial numeracy tasks than adults in many other developed countries - even when using a calculator.
Business - Administration Mar 14

A new analysis using government data finds air pollution has decreased in China's most populated areas since China declared 'war against pollution.

Life Sciences - Business Mar 7
Life Sciences - Business

Five years ago, Nature - one of the most prestigious research journals in science - published an editorial pledging to improve on the low number of women editors and authors in its pages.

Medicine - Business Mar 13
Medicine - Business

The widely adopted practice of issuing 28-day rather than longer duration prescriptions for people with long-term conditions lacks a robust evidence base and should be reconsidered, according to a study published in the British Journal of General Practice today [Tuesday 13 March].

Business - Life Sciences Mar 1
Business - Life Sciences

Risk taking, cooperation and competition are the ingredients for entrepreneurial success, which CNRS and ESCP Europe ( View web site ) researchers 1 have been looking into.

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