Swiss National Science Foundation

Swiss National Science Foundation

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The SNF is the largest Swiss foundation promoting scientific research.

Microtechnics Jun 18
Researchers have developed a new technique for carving materials to create micromechanical systems. In particular, they have created a miniscule watch component out of synthetic single-crystal diamond.
Medicine Jun 12

Doctors are increasingly fighting cancer by stimulating patients' immune systems. SNSF-supported researchers have now discovered a method for predicting the likelihood of treatment success.

Innovation May 30

The new Bridge programme helps to turn scientific research into actual products and services. A year and a half into its launch, the results are already in.

Environment May 3

Each year almost one thousand hectares of cultivated land continue to be lost, thereby wiping out numerous services delivered by the soil, such as filtering water and storing carbon, which are central for our society's wellbeing.

Environment Apr 26

Erosion, compaction and a loss of humus and biodiversity are afflicting the soil, thereby endangering the many services it offers for humans and the environment.

Innovation Jun 4

Social opposition to new high-voltage lines is delaying modernisation of the power grid.

Administration May 15

In 2017, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) invested in 2971 new projects. Each project had to undergo a stringent evaluation process in which it was rated relative to competing projects.

Earth Sciences Apr 30
Earth Sciences

Switzerland coordinates an extensive network of 600 seismographs stretching from Perpignan to Prague.

Life Sciences Apr 24
Life Sciences

The winners of the SNSF Scientific Image Competition show science from another angle. From the over 350 works submitted, the jury selected four winners and awarded eight distinctions to images and videos that tell personal and sometimes intimate stories.

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