Swiss National Science Foundation

Swiss National Science Foundation

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The SNF is the largest Swiss foundation promoting scientific research.

Medicine Nov 21
Most people in Switzerland die in hospitals and nursing homes. Their specific needs are often not adequately met. In addition, professional caregivers are not sufficiently well coordinated. This situation could be improved by promoting palliative care, which cares for people's every need at the end of life.
Event Nov 13

Following the success of its first Scientific Image Competition, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) will launch a second competition in 2018.

Chemistry Nov 7

Wood could potentially replace petrol in chemistry and concrete in construction, according to studies conducted under the National Research Programme "Resource Wood".

Mathematics Oct 5

Mathilde Bouvel, a researcher at the University of Zurich's Institute of Mathematics, is the winner of the 2017 Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize.

Law Sep 28

Researchers supported by the SNSF have set up a free and accessible integrated database of legal cases involving international economic law.

Physics Nov 8

Researchers have determined how certain liquids stiffen in response to powerful impacts. At first glance, colloids resemble homogeneous liquids such as milk or blood plasma.

Environment Oct 24

Studies show that tannins extracted from native tree bark can be used to produce adhesives and composite materials.

Life Sciences Oct 2
Life Sciences

Researchers funded by the SNSF have discovered a biological clock at work in our muscle cells. It could be a factor in regulating our metabolism and play a role in diabetes.

Life Sciences Sep 18
Life Sciences

Congenital hyperinsulinism is a serious yet poorly understood condition. Research funded by the SNSF has discovered how it is caused by a genetic mutation.

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