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Environment - Nov 22
In bocage landscapes, the hedgerows that border cultivated fields provide many services. However, they are often perceived as sources of weeds, those wild plants generally called "weeds" and considered undesirable. Scientists from INRAE, in partnership with teams from the University of Rennes 1, CNRS and ANSES, studied the impacts of bocage landscapes on weeds. Their results, published in the Journal of Applied Ecology , show that bocage landscapes promote weed diversity without increasing their abundance in the fields. Through their beneficial effects on flora, hedgerows could therefore promote sustainable weed management and biodiversity conservation in fields.
Physics - Nov 10

How can we navigate airliners or allow military vehicles to stay on course without GPS or satellite signals? This is a problem for which quantum inertial sensors offer a solution.

Chemistry - Nov 7

Controlling and studying the chemistry of batteries is crucial to improving their design. Scientists have developed an optical fibre based method for monitoring the evolving chemistry of a commercial battery in real time during charging and discharging.

Innovation - Oct 20

A team of European researchers has established a new principle that explains how flying insects determine the direction of gravity, without using accelerometers.

Life Sciences - Oct 19

Data can be encoded as DNA but are difficult to process thereafter. A new method enables operations to be performed on DNA-encoded data directly, without having to first translate them into their electronic equivalent.

Physics - Oct 12

The CNRS Scientific Mediation Medal recognizes the women and men who put science at the heart of society, diffusing scientific information that is accessible to different audiences.

Research Management - Oct 4
Research Management

The CNRS and the University of Tokyo joined forces on 4 October as part of an International Research Centre (IRC), the third such structure for the CNRS abroad.

Environment - Sep 19

Trees play an essential role in the well-being of city dwellers - but for how long? An international research team, including a CNRS researcher from the Ecology and Dynamic of Anthropogenic Systems laboratory at the University of Picardy Jules Ver

Environment - Nov 9

For the first time, a digital model has shown that both fishing and climate-induced environmental change are responsible for the collapse of cod stocks in the North Sea.

Environment - Oct 21

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are one of the solutions being put forward to help adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Astronomy - Oct 20

They prove that Hipparchus' data were significantly more accurate than those of another catalogue composed centuries later.

Health - Oct 14

Why are cancers of the adrenal glands 1  more common among women? Why are prognoses worse for them? A team of scientists led by a CNRS researcher answers these questions in an article published on 14 October 2022 in Science Advances .

Pharmacology - Oct 4

The treatment of cancer is often based on intravenous chemotherapy, which is highly demanding and requires hospitalisation.

Astronomy - Sep 30

NOEMA, Europe's new major radio astronomy facility, is to be inaugurated on 30 September 2022. Capable of carrying out unprecedented observations, it is already a member of the international EHT collaboration, which produced the very first images of black holes.

Astronomy - Sep 12

The James Webb Telescope offers exceptional new images of the Orion Nebula. Many stars are born in this nebula, it could reveal information about the beginnings of our Solar System.

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