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Life Sciences - Sep 28
Life Sciences
Study examines the role of touch and proximity on the mutual adaptation of brain activity and heart rhythms in mothers and babies.
Environment - Sep 16

Study shows that microplastics do not contribute to the mobility of organic pollutants in agricultural soils.

Physics - Sep 2

Quantum computers become ever more powerful, but how can we be sure that the answers they return are accurate? A team of physicists from Vienna, Innsbruck, Oxford, and Singapore solves this problem by letting quantum computers check each other.

Physics - Aug 12

Researchers at the University of Vienna's Faculty of Physics in collaboration with colleagues from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the USA have uncovered a non-destructive mechanism to manipulate donor impurities within silicon using focused electron irradiation. In this novel indirect exchange process not one but two neighbouring silicon atoms are involved in a coordinated atomic "waltz", which may open a path for the fabrication of solid-state qubits. The results have been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Environment - Aug 3

Innovation arises through the transfer of research results into practice.

Health - Jul 27

What constitutes good relationship quality in times of crisis.

Physics - Jul 14

The quantum movements of a small glass sphere could be controlled for the first time in Vienna by combining microscopy with control engineering, setting the course for future quantum technologies.

Life Sciences - Sep 3
Life Sciences

Researchers discover biomarkers that indicate early brain injury in extreme premature infants.

Astronomy - Aug 17

Nearby star-forming region yields clues to the formation of our solar system.

Physics - Aug 6

Three dimensional (3D) nano-network promise a new era in modern solid state physics with numerous applications in photonics, bio-medicine, and spintronics.

Chemistry - Jul 28

Three-dimensional (3D) configurations of atoms dictate all materials properties. Quantitative predictions of accurate equilibrium structures, 3D coordinates of all atoms, from a chemical graph, a representation of the structural formula, is a challenging and computationally expensive task which is at the beginning of practically every computational chemistry workflow.

Life Sciences - Jul 21
Life Sciences

Agriculture is the main source for the majority of the input of reactive N to terrestrial systems; large amounts of fertilizer N are lost from the root zone as nitrate through leaching and denitrification.

Life Sciences - Jul 13
Life Sciences

This pandemic year has seen us confined to our homes and restricted from travelling the world. Not so for some microscopic bacteria in the ocean: Throughout the globe, they partner up with clams from the family Lucinidae, which live unseen in the sand beneath the shimmering blue waters of coastal habitats.

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Health - 27.09
Biomedizinischen Analytiker*in (BMA) Universität Wien
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