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Social Sciences - Sep 26
Social Sciences
Further finds from an infant burial in Italy provides insights on the use of baby carriers and family heirlooms in prehistory, an UdeM-led study reveals. CONTENU - It seems logical enough: even in their earliest history, humans must have needed something to carry their babies around in as they moved from place to place.
Life Sciences - Sep 19

Researchers at Mila and IVADO introduce a new neurocomputational model of the human brain that could bridge the gap in understanding AI and the biological mechanisms underlying mental disorders. CONTENU - A new study introduces a new neurocomputational model of the human brain that could shed light on how the brain develops complex cognitive abilities and advance neural artificial intelligence research.

Environment - Sep 15

Two comic strips raise awareness of the impact of climate change on migration and health. 15-year-old Ciara lives on the West Island of Montreal and her house has been flooding in recent years.

Health - Sep 13

Doctors could soon have a new tool to detect disorders and illnesses such as pneumonia, Alzheimer's and autism, thanks to a Canada-U.S. database of human voices to which UdeM is contributing. Artificial intelligence may soon help doctors diagnose and treat diseases, including cancer and depression, based on the sound of a patient's voice, as 12 leading research institutions - including Université de Montréal - work to establish voice as a biomarker to be used in clinical care.

Life Sciences - Sep 7
Life Sciences

Malik Chaker-Margot, a scientist with a knack for explaining complex concepts in lay terms, returns to his alma mater to teach in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine.

Economics - Sep 1

It's one thing to innovate and find better ways to get healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable foods to consumers - and quite another to understand what leads there, an UdeM study finds. Innovations that make the food supply chain more "responsible" - eco-friendly, good for public health, fairer to farmers - will come faster if the contexts that set the stage for them are better understood, according to a new Université de Montréal study.

Architecture - Aug 31

As Montreal develops a new urban planning and mobility plan, a participatory action-research project gives teenagers a chance to express their vision of their city and of their role as citizens throu.

Astronomy - Aug 25

Showing how precise it can be, the James Webb Space Telescope detects the first definitive carbon dioxide signature in an exoplanet atmosphere.

Innovation - Sep 16

The newly minted Millénium Québecor team is working to create a distinctive entrepreneurship support program.

Life Sciences - Sep 14

A psychology researcher shows that a rhythmic video game can have beneficial effects on the motor skills of people living with Parkinson's disease. Could tapping on a cell phone to the beat of music improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson's disease? Simone Dalla Bella, a professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Montreal and co-director of the International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS), suspected it might.

Health - Sep 9

Medical students who leave the big city gain freedom and quality of life. Young physicians up for a challenge find practicing in a small town can be a diverse, friendly and creative experience. Many of them left the city with the intention of returning.

Social Sciences - Sep 7
Social Sciences

Measures of morning salivary cortisol show that children experience stress when starting kindergarten. It's normal. The transition to kindergarten causes a generalized and normal increase in the stress hormone cortisol in children during the first two weeks of school. Cortisol levels then decrease in some children but not others.

Architecture - Sep 1

A raft of initiatives over the past 20 years testifies to growing interest in preserving Quebec's bungalows.

Physics - Aug 25

British scientist Duncan Haldane, co-recipient of a Nobel prize in physics in 2016, is here for an international conference on conformal field theories and quantum 'many-body" physics.

Astronomy - Aug 24

With the help of instruments designed partly in Canada, a team of Université de Montréal astronomers have discovered an exoplanet that could be completely covered in water.

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History/Archeology - 23.09
Assistant Professor in History of Africa Université de Montréal
History/Archeology - 23.09
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en histoire de l’Afrique Université de Montréal
Politics - 22.09
Assistant Professor of Syntax Université de Montréal
Social Sciences - 22.09
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en syntaxe Université de Montréal
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Assistant Professor : Drama in the English-speaking world Université de Montréal
Linguistics/Literature - 21.09
Professeure adjointe ou professeur adjoint en théâtre anglophone Université de Montréal
Social Sciences - 20.09
Assistant Professor in demography Université de Montréal
Social Sciences - 20.09
Professeure adjointe ou professeur adjoint en démographie Université de Montréal
Environment - 15.09
Assistant professor of spatial ecology Université de Montréal
Life Sciences - 15.09
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en écologie spatiale Université de Montréal
Life Sciences - 15.09
Assistant professor of animal genomics Université de Montréal
Life Sciences - 15.09
Professeur adjoint ou professeure adjointe en génomique animale Université de Montréal

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