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Astronomy - Jun 11
Studying how liquid foams evolve over time is difficult, if not impossible, on Earth because of gravity. The FOAM-C experiment, which began in 2020, was designed to study liquid foams in zero gravity on board the ISS. New samples will be set up by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on Friday, June 11.
Innovation - Jun 10

O Technology transfer for research is one of the missions of the CNRS. With nearly 100 start-ups created per year, and over 7,000 families of active patents, 1,300 active licenses, and more than 170 joint laboratories with companies, the CNRS is a major actor in French Deeptech.

Life Sciences - Jun 7
Life Sciences

High elevation snow is home to previously unknown species of microalgae. Scientists have created the ALPALGA consortium to study this ecosystem, which is threatened by climate change.

Environment - Jun 3

Scientists have established the most reliable estimates to date of past temperature variations in Antarctic They highlight significant differences in behaviour between West and East Antarctica.

Environment - May 21

O    Mathematics have a major role to play in responding to pressing environmental issues, including global warming, species extinctions, extreme natural events, and pollution.

Earth Sciences - May 18
Earth Sciences

Fossils of land animals from South America have been found in the Antilles. The appearance/disappearance of archipelagos is due to tectonic plate movements and glacial-interglacial cycles.

Environment - May 6

The European Alps is certainly one of the most scrutinized mountain range in the world, as it forms a true open-air laboratory showing how climate change affects biodiversity.

Environment - Jun 8

O    The ocean is an ecosystem under threat from global warming, pollution, resource overexploitation and habitat degradation.

Laboratory - Jun 7

The CNRS has learned in the press, to its dismay, of the lawsuit filed by the IHU (university hospitals institute) of Marseille (southeastern France) against Elisabeth Bik and the CNRS researcher Boris Barbour in their capacity as administrators of the website PubPeer.

History - May 27

Since the 1960s, the Jebel Sahaba cemetery (Nile Valley, present-day Sudan) has become the emblem of organised warfare during prehistory.

Life Sciences - May 20
Life Sciences

Plants that exist on land today have genes that allow them to exchange lipids with beneficial fungi - This plant-fungus partnership is at the origin of the transition of plants from aquatic life to terrestrial life 450 million years ago, the first plants left aquatic life.

Environment - May 6

As visitors proceed through the fully immersive CNRS exhibit 'Antarctica, a laboratory of the future', inside the France Pavilion, they are in turn delighted by a constellation of unfamiliar sounds and plunged into near-total silence, all the while learning of the cutting-edge research pursued in Antarctica, its importance, and its implications.

Materials Science - May 5
Materials Science

The discovery of the earliest human burial site yet found in Africa, by an international team including several CNRS researchers 1 , has just been announced in the journal Nature .

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