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Location: Freiburg - Baden-Württemberg
Friedrichstraße 39, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau


The "Green City" Freiburg in southwest Germany is known worldwide for its historic old town, the Black Forest mountains, its recreational value, its high environmental standards and of course for the Albert-Ludwigs-University. Founded in 1457, the university is located in the middle of the city. It has received many awards as one of the best German universities in nationwide competitions for its excellent research and teaching. The university offers its approximately 25,000 students a creative and inspiring environment in which it is a pleasure to learn, research and live.

Health - Nov 24
Researchers of the University of Freiburg introduce biosensor for the nucleic acid amplification-free detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA. CRISPR-Cas is versatile: Besides the controversial genetically modified organisms (GMOs), created through gene editing, various new scientific studies use different orthologues of the effector protein 'Cas' to detect nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA.
Physics - Nov 22

Awarded for research into photochemical processes at a molecular level and into social interactions in the digital space.

Research Management - Nov 18
Research Management

Ranking recognizes researchers whose publications receive significant attention in the field.

Career - Nov 8

Bernd Raffelhüschen from the University of Freiburg presents the "SKL Glücksatlas 2022" ("SKL Happiness Atlas 2022").

Life Sciences

Researchers at the University of Freiburg discover that the affinity between cells can control complex developmental processes.

Life Sciences - Oct 20
Life Sciences

Researchers of the University of Freiburg have discovered a previously unknown function of septins in defending cells against dangerous hospital pathogens.

Linguistics - Oct 10

The Tsvetaeva Center at the University of Freiburg and the Research Training Group "Cultural Transfer and Cultural Identity" invite regime-critical intellectuals and artists.

Environment - Sep 23

Constellation provides insects with continuous floral resources throughout the entire growing season.

Campus - Nov 22

Subjects in the engineering sciences and psychology were newly examined Freiburg, Nov 22, 2022 The Centre for Higher Education, CHE for short, has published its ranking for master's degree programs in 2022/23.

History - Nov 10

Archeologists from the universities of Freiburg and Mainz identify one of the largest known sacred buildings of the Etruscans.

Life Sciences

Experiment at the University of Freiburg provides first evidence of a bark beetle species' agricultural capability.

Life Sciences - Oct 21
Life Sciences

The DELIVER project is creating sustainable biocomposites based on proteins produced by programmable microorganisms in the material.

Health - Oct 19

Researchers from Freiburg and Harvard publish the three-dimensional structure of the B cell antigen receptor, shedding new light on its composition.

University of Freiburg study on vocabulary acquisition uses novel game-based design. Freiburg, Sep 29, 2022 If elementary school children are accustomed to many regional and foreign accents because they hear them frequently in their linguistic environment, then it is easier for them to learn new words from other children who speak with unfamiliar accents.

Environment - Sep 20

Changes in ecosystems can be predicted more accurately via emissions of chiral compounds.

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Materials Science - 18.11
livMatS Cluster of Excellence - PhD position for the project Volumetrically-programmable four-dimensional actuators University of Freiburg livMatS Cluster of Excellence
Environment - 22.11
PhD Research position for the project Solstore II Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau

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