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Chemistry - Mar 17

The European Research Council has awarded Jakob Albert a grant of around ¤2 million: The chemical engineer based at Universität Hamburg will spend the next 5 years researching catalysts-so substances that influence the speed of a chemical reaction without being used up themselves.

Environment - Feb 1

Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is currently not plausible, as is shown in a new, central study released by Universität Hamburg's Cluster of Excellence -Climate, Climatic Change, and Society- (CLICCS).

Covering a huge range of topics and finally back, live and in person! The Children's University Lectures are back, and after a 2 year hiatus because of corona, we are going back to the Audimax for 4 of the 6 lectures. The series kicks off online on 1 November with 2 video lectures, then the live series follows weekly starting at 5 pm on 7 November, with lectures on the 7, 14, 21, and 28 November. The series are all aimed at children aged between 8 and 12 years old.

Paleontology - Dec 9, 2022

An international research team including the Department of Biology at the University of Hamburg has used computer models and engineering methods to analyze the mobility of dinosaur tails. According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers found that these tails could move at speeds of more than 100 kilometers per hour. Unlike previously assumed, however, they did not reach supersonic speeds.

Where do we come from and where are we going? - Does the Universe have a beginning and end?- The multimedia special exhibition, How It All Began at the Museum of Work gives visitors insight into the Big Bang and the endlessness of outer space (23 October 2022 to 10 April 2023).

Religions - Nov 23, 2022

If you are interested in science, research, politics, culture, and society, check out the General Lecture Series at Universität Hamburg. In Winter Semester 2022/2023, Universität Hamburg offers roughly 160 public lectures on various topics. The lectures begin on 17 October 2022 and end February 2023.

Physics - Oct 27, 2022

Quantum technologies promise faster solutions for many scientific and technology questions. A consortium led by Dieter Jaksch from Universität Hamburg awarded EUR 4.9 million EU funding for the calculation of fluid dynamics using quantum technology.

Physics - Oct 14, 2022

Promising methods of measurement should provide data and insights for combating chronic illnesses and cancer.

How does the representation of history in social media affect how people see the world? That is what an exhibition in the SocialMediaHistory series is investigating. YouTuber and Terra-X moderator Mirko Drotschamnn is also taking part.

Health - Jan 3

The number of corona cases in the pandemic is a very important parameter. The number of unreported COVID-19 infections in Germany is generally seen as high, but how can we know for sure? Christina Maaß from the Department of Economics at Universität Hamburg has developed a new way to find out the numbers by analyzing Google searches. The study was published in PLOS ONE.

Career - Dec 8, 2022

We, you, it: everyday, each one of us uses pronouns, but how do we use them when? Now a team of researchers wants to find out and is receiving funding from the German Research Foundation to do so. The group Praktiken der Personenreferenz: Personal-, Indefinitund Demonstrativpronomen im Gebrauch will receive roughly €2 million over a period of 4 years.

Environment - Nov 30, 2022

Trade wind cumulus clouds are found on about 20 percent of the globe and cool the planet. Until now, it was expected that these clouds would become fewer due to global warming and thus exacerbate climate change. A team led by Dr. Raphaela Vogel of the University of Hamburg has now been able to disprove this. Their study was published in the scientific journal Nature.

Environment - Oct 27, 2022

After the restrictions on students and staff enforced by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of teaching, researching, and in administration in the last two and a half years, Universität Hamburg has taken a clear position for the Winter Semester: University operations will take place in-person. As current political developments may result in changes in the energy supply market, Hamburg's largest university has already put a Building Operations Plan into place.

Life Sciences - Oct 20, 2022

For the first time, a research team involving the Department of Biology at Universität Hamburg assisted by detailed behavior analyses have shown how the Australian ant-spider, Euryopis umbilicata, can catch prey that is significantly larger than itself. This hunting technique includes an acrobatic attack sequence, with the actual moment of capture happening in a fraction of a second. The results have been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS).

An international research team led by the Hamburg Observatory of Universität Hamburg has discovered 4 gigantic radio sources. These so-called megahalos are up to 10 million light years in size but have been detected for the first time with the help of the Low-Frequency Array (LOFAR) radio telescope. This was published in the journal Nature .

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