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Social Sciences - Sep 2
Social Sciences
What factors determined how well families mastered the challenges of the corona pandemic? And what impact did social inequality have? A new study at Universität Hamburg has some answers. -We already know that individual factors, for example resources such as housing, income, or education, affect people during the pandemic,- explains sociologist Manderscheid from Universität Hamburg.
Health - Sep 2

Researchers at Universität Hamburg and DESY have identified 3 substances that are promising for the development of anti-corona medication. All of the substances have already been used in medications, writes the team in its article in.

Health - Aug 18

Scientists at the University of Hamburg and DESY have identified three compounds that are promising candidates for drug development against coronavirus. All three are already used as active ingredients in existing drugs, the team writes in its publication in the nature journal -Communications Biology-.

Innovation - Jul 14

Ten years ago, researchers at Universität Hamburg jointly initiated a research alliance to digitalize astronomical photographic plates in high resolution, publish these online, and make them available for current research.

Campus - Jul 11

Most recently, the outbreak of war in Ukraine has made it clear that geopolitical changes and international crises fundamentally affect global academic systems, activity at universities, research institutions, and academic policy.

Career - Jul 11

What is required if parental leaves laws are to contribute to a sustainable society? And what does paid parental leave mean for children's health and development? The Parental Leave Policies and Social Sustainability project takes a look at these very questions. Social scientists Dr. Thordis Reimer from Universität Hamburg is the leading grant applicant for the project.

Environment - Jul 7

A team of researchers in the Cluster of Excellence Climate, Climatic Change, and Society (CLICCS) has just discovered a long-term, ever-warming pool of warm water. It measures 3 million square kilometers, can be traced back to human-induced rise in greenhouse gases, and provides favorable conditions for extreme heat waves in the northeast Pacific.

Innovation - Jun 9

Capital or advice, private or public: in Hamburg, there is a range of support for potential entrepreneurs who wish to launch a company. A new databank set up in the Faculty of Business Administration at Universität Hamburg is now offering a comprehensive and transparent overview.

Environment - Sep 2

Hamburg has roughly 250,000 trees. Every year, many are chopped down and new ones are planted. At 17 new sites, a team from Universität Hamburg has looked at the availability of ground water. Their conclusion: All trees suffered from a lack of water that could shorten their lives.

Music - Aug 17

Start of a public series on Hamburg's musical history Otto Waalkes, Udo Lindenberg and Friends on the Universität Hamburg Stage.

Environment - Jul 12

Thanks to industrial whaling, the fin whale had become nearly extinct in the Antarctic. Now, for the first time, a research team headed by Dr. Helena Herr from Universität Hamburg has been able to show systematically that the fin whale population is recovering. The findings were published in the journal Scientific Reports .

Physics - Jul 11

On 4 July, the discovery of the Higgs boson particle celebrated its tenth anniversary. Many German universities and institutes took part, including DESY and Universität Hamburg. With Higgs@10 in Hamburg, DESY and Universität Hamburg commemorate the discovery of the Higgs boson particle in 2012, reveal what has changed since then, and take a peek at the future of particle physics. The interested public is welcome to join!

Career - Jul 7

The European Research Council has awarded funding to 2 humanities projects. The projects on the history of Ethiopian and Syrian Christianity and Hebrew philosophical manuscripts respectively will receive a total of €3.5 million over the next 5 years.

Environment - Jun 21

A long-term warm water body that continues to warm has now been discovered by a team from the CLICCS Cluster of Excellence at the University of Hamburg. It is three million square kilometers in size, is due to the human-induced increase in greenhouse gases, and favors extreme heat waves in the Northeast Pacific.

Laboratory - Jun 9

To study valuable manuscripts and other written artefacts around the world, the Understanding Written Artefacts cluster of excellence at Universität Hamburg has developed a mobile laboratory. The first mobile unit has now been delivered. In the fall, it will be sent to India so that researchers there can study palm-leaf manuscripts that belong to the world's document heritage.

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