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Astronomy - Apr 19
Astronomers from the Netherlands, Belgium, Chile, the USA and Germany have imaged the newly discovered exoplanet "YSES 2b" right next to its host star An international research team with the participation of Dr Markus Mugrauer from the Astrophysical Institute of Friedrich Schiller University Jena has succeeded in the direct imaging of a young exoplanet.
Health - Apr 14

Teams from Sociology and Nutritional Sciences awarded 2021 Thuringian Research Prizes. Each year, the Free State of Thuringia rewards excellent research achievements with the Thuringian Research Prize.

Life Sciences - Mar 17
Life Sciences

Biologists from the University of Jena publish study on the relationship between flying insects and light pollution Jena, the "city of light", has its dark sides.

Social Sciences - Feb 23
Social Sciences

University of Jena adopted new mission statement In a meeting on Tuesday, 16 February, the University Senate adopted the new mission statement for Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Health - Jan 26

Researchers show positive effect of urban nature on mental health Daily contact with trees in the street may significantly reduce the risk of depression and the need for antidepressants .

Physics - Dec 17, 2020

International Team is awarded the Breakthrough of the Year 2020 prize by Physics World magazine For the development of a light-emitting silicon alloy, researchers from TU Eindhoven, Netherlands and the University of Jena, Germany together with par

Life Sciences - Nov 26, 2020
Life Sciences

Jena research team discovers molecule that influences the resistance of cholera bacteria Antibiotics have revolutionized medicine by providing effective treatments for infectious diseases such as cholera.

Pharmacology - Mar 24

Meta-analysis reveals: Hypnosis relieves pain, reduces mental distress and promotes recovery after surgery Hypnosis relieves pain, reduces mental distress and promotes recovery after surgical interventions - this has been shown in a meta-analysis recently published in Clinical Psychology Review.

Physics - Feb 25

Researchers from the University of Jena and University of Florence, develop cobalt compound with special quantum properties In quantum computers, instead of electrical circuits being switched on or off, quantum mechanical states are altered.

Physics - Feb 16

A research team is developing a high-resolution imaging technique that can be used to investigate materials in a non-destructive manner and with nanometre precision Images provide information - what we can observe with our own eyes enables us to understand.

Chemistry - Jan 20

Chemists at University of Jena harness synergy effect of gallium Chemists at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena have demonstrated the value of "teamwork" by successfully harnessing the interaction between two gallium atoms in a novel compound to split the particularly strong bond between fluorine and carbon.

Campus - Dec 8, 2020

DAAD funds digitisation of international study programme at the University of Jena Imagine doing laboratory experiments in Jena from abroad: this should soon be possible with the help of Augmented and Virtual Reality, as part of the inter­national Master's programme in Photonics at the University of Jena in Germany.

Computer Science - Nov 23, 2020
Computer Science

Bioinformaticians at the University of Jena develop new method for analysing metabolites Everything that lives has metabolites, produces metabolites and consumes metabolites.

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