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Physics - Jul 16
Measurements of biomechanical properties inside living cells require minimally invasive methods. Optical tweezers are particularly attractive as a tool. It uses the momentum of light to trap and manipulate microor nanoscale particles. A team of researchers led by Cornelia Denz from the University of Münster has now developed a simplified method to perform the necessary calibration of the optical tweezers in the system under investigation.
Media - Jul 14

The scientific society "Academia Europaea" has admitted Julia Metag from the University of Münster. The 37-year-old communication scientist is one of the youngest members whose outstanding scientific achievements have been honoured with admission to the society.

Chemistry - Jul 9

The chemist Prof. Andrea Rentmeister from the University of Münster has been admitted as a Fellow Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). Membership of the RSC is considered a great honour.

Criminology - Jul 6

Part Two of a series about laboratories at Münster University: the Department of Forensic Molecular Biology at the Institute of Forensic Medicine helps in the fight against crime Hidden in the courtyard of the Institute of Forensic Medicine stands a weeping beech, five metres high.

Life Sciences - Jun 29
Life Sciences

Behavioural biologist instead of rock star: Senior Professor Norbert Sachser is active on behalf of animals and nature Rock star or professional footballer - for the 15-year-old Norbert Sachser, at the end of the 1960s, these seemed to be attractive options for a career.

Physics - Jun 21

One vision that is currently driving material scientists is to combine organic molecules (and their diverse functionalities) with the technological possibilities offered by extremely sophisticated semiconductor electronics.

Environment - Jun 17

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, international encounters are largely taking place digitally. But there are also creative ideas for such exchanges, as shown by a pilot project of the Universities of Münster and Radboud (Nijmegen, Netherlands).

Law - Jul 12

Since June 1, the University of Münster has a Käte Hamburger Kolleg, for the first time. Under the leadership of historian Prof. Ulrike Ludwig and jurist Prof. Peter Oestmann, academics from all over the world will be carrying out research on "Legal Unity and Pluralism". Norbert Robers spoke with Peter Oestmann on the content and the aims of the Kolleg.

Life Sciences - Jul 7

A gorilla mother cradling her baby in her arm. Cows running out into the open air and onto the meadow in spring. The dog wagging its tail as it welcomes its master or mistress. Are these instances of care, joy and love? In the 17th century, the philosopher René Descartes declared that animals had only instincts, but no feelings.

Environment - Jun 29

Sustainability plays a key role at German universities, as shown by these three guest commentaries which round off this dossier Fridays for Future, plastic in the oceans, renewable energies, ecology-friendly consumption: sustainability is a much-discussed issue.

Health - Jun 28

Just in time for her third state examination in human medicine, Stefanie Bobe has completed in parallel her Master of Science in Experimental Medicine at the University of Münster.

Environment - Jun 21

Current research shows that environmental pollution is a phenomenon found not only in modern times. Even in ancient times people suffered from lead poisoning.

Physics - Jun 17

Can we make matter intelligent? This is a question being studied by an interdisciplinary team in Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1459 ".

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