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Philosophy - 21.02
Postdoctal Researcher: Islamic Philosophy (ALIVE project) Radboud University
Physics - 20.02
PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Physics Radboud University
Computer Science - 09.02
PhD Candidate: The Fundamentals of Robust Runtime Monitoring Radboud University
Life Sciences - 09.02
Postdoctoral Researcher in RNA Biology and Epitranscriptomics Radboud University
Physics - 08.02
PhD Candidate in Mathematical Physics Radboud University
Mathematics - 01.02
PhD Candidate in Post-Quantum Cryptography Radboud University
Mathematics - 31.01
PhD Candidate: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Radboud University
Social Sciences - 26.01
Postdoctoral Researcher in Communication Science: Youth and News Radboud University


Politics - Feb 20

We expect mayors, councillors and other office holders to act with integrity and autonomy: indeed, several rules to this end are laid down by law. But how do we assess integrity, and how much protection does the law offer? According to Max Theunisse, integrity law is a pillar of the democratic rule of law, although his research shows that there is still room for improvement, including in its application and explanation.

Psychology - Feb 20

When people read a book, they typically imagine the story in their heads. But how do people experience a story if they find it difficult or impossible to imagine what is being described?

Psychology - Feb 15

Participation of refugees lags significantly behind that of other migrant groups and Dutch natives. To ensure better job market participation among this group, we must also focus on their mental health.

A Wellcome Discovery Award funds a new groundbreaking study characterising the development of the brain during childhood and adolescence in unprecedented detail.

Chemistry - Jan 30

Nitrogen dioxide is a gas that has a high proportion of nitrogen precipitation and is hard to measure.

The Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) opens up a new part of the gravitational wave spectrum as the first space-based detector. It is now officially adopted by the European Space Agency (ESA) as one of its large class missions.

Reading stories regularly strengthens social-cognitive skills - such as empathy - in both children and adults. And this, in turn, ensures that we can empathise with characters more effectively and more quickly when we are reading.

Doing the shopping for a neighbour, driving a friend to an appointment, helping an aunt with the garden: there are plenty of people who occasionally provide a little assistance.

Environment - Feb 16

A treatment method that has delivered repeated successes over many years in the field of youth care, but had not previously been given a platform, now has a robust scientific basis, thanks to the PhD research of Carine Heijligers and Sonja Graafstal.

Social Sciences

Mobile dating apps are a popular way to meet people. They promise a fun partner and a happy love life. However, a new study by Radboud researchers shows that people who use dating apps actually tend to be overall less satisfied with their relationship status than those who don't.

Health - Jan 31

This vaccine ensures that you do not become ill, no pandemic breaks out, and hundred thousand people do not die. Or: this vaccine causes you to become ill, develop side effects, or die.

Music - Jan 26

Feeling stressed? "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Nothing Else Matters" or "Baby One More Time" might calm you down again.

Astronomy & Space

The brightness peak of the ring around M87's supermassive black hole has shifted 30 degrees counterclockwise in a year.

Environment - Jan 11

On average, bio-based products emit 45% less greenhouse gas emissions than the fossil materials they replace, according to research conducted by Radb

Environment - Jan 10

Peatlands are affected more by drought than expected. This is concerning, as these ecosystems are an important ally in the fight against climate change.

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