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Pharmacology - Dec 8

Prof. Roos Masereeuw has been appointed vice-dean of research at the Faculty of Science. Her term will start at 1 February 2023. Masereeuw is affiliated with Utrecht University as professor of Experimental Pharmacology and scientific director of the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS).

Environment - Dec 7

Joint press release by Utrecht University and Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL). A circular bioeconomy can dramatically rein in the fast-growing plastic sector's climate, pollution, and resource consumption impacts.

Career - Dec 2

The three main barriers for employers to hire people with disabilities are ideas about their productivity, expectations of high costs involved and a lack of knowledge about what disabilities entail - according to a literature review by Utrecht University. Although there are policies aimed at encouraging employers to employ more people with disabilities, the results remain limited. Only one in six employers employs someone with a disability (The Netherlands Institute for Social Research, 2022). With labour market shortages looming, hiring people with disabilities is often put forward as a solution worldwide. Yet, employers are hesitating.

Criminology - Dec 2

Already soon after the invasion of Ukraine, reports emerged of war crimes allegedly committed by Russia. In November, images of alleged Ukrainian war crimes also surfaced. Several international media outlets reached out to associate professor of international history and genocide scholar Iva Vukusic for her expertise. An overview.

Fifty years after scientists predicted a new liquid crystalline phase, it has been observed by Utrecht researchers.

Life Sciences - Nov 29

Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have a higher chance of suffering from brain-related problems such as anxiety, depression and memory problems. PhD candidate Charlotte Pelgrim discovered that inflammation in the brain and a less protective barrier of the blood vessels in the brain may play a role. She also showed that anti-inflammatory nutrients in the diet could have a positive effect on the psychological well-being of COPD patients. Pelgrim will defend her dissertation today.

Environment - Nov 29

Utrecht University researcher and plant ecologist Kathryn Barry has been granted the KNAW Early Career Award. With this award, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) acknowledges talented researchers at the start of their career, who are considered to be capable of developing innovative and original research ideas. Barry will receive the award during a festive ceremony on 14 February.

Campus - Nov 29

Incluusion, UU's refugee programme, provides a buddy programme for its refugee students. Regular UU students can volunteer to be a buddy. Jannes volunteered because he was aware that small actions can have a big impact. "It's like having an extra study buddy you keep in touch with and meet up with from time to time."

Health - Dec 6

A vast amount of money is involved in Alzheimer's disease research. However, scientists have been unable to achieve substantial clinical results in recent decades. In a recent analysis of the situation, Utrecht University historian of science Bert Theunissen and his colleague from Erasmus University Rotterdam Noortje Jacobs now argue that a deadlock has developed that makes progression unlikely. Their publication will appear in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease on 6 December.

Veterinary - Dec 2

A cat with its own Twitter account, advertisements featuring a dog for a car brand, or horses in a movie: we see lots of animals in the media. With the rise of social media, that number has only increased. Do images of animals increase understanding and insight, or does it actually lead to a distorted view? Can you actually use animals for advertising and film? And if so, is the welfare of the animal guaranteed? These questions were the focus of the Animal Talks.

Health - Dec 1

Edward Nieuwenhuis will be the new Dean and Chair of the Executive Board of University College Roosevelt. He will be appointed per January 1, 2023, for a period of four years.

The YOUth cohort study by Utrecht University and the UMCU has been awarded the Dutch Data Prize at this year's FAIR Data Day. The judges' report praised the YOUth dataset: "This dataset is of great value to many research fields." YOUth project manager Coosje Veldkamp and data manager Ron Scholten were overjoyed: "We've been gathering our data and making them FAIR for over nine years. This has been a team performance. Working together with many different people from across the university, we have managed to make highly sensitive data on children securely accessible to other researchers. This prize is a great recognition of our joint work."

Career - Nov 29

The Hoe'Zo! Show by earth scientist Lennart de Groot (UU) and neuroscientist Barbara Braams (VU Amsterdam) receives an ENW Communication Initiative Award. In the theatre show, young researchers answer questions from curious children live on stage. The ¤10,000 prize money comes on top of an earlier award of ¤150,000 by the NWA Science Communication programme in early November. The funding secures the next two seasons of the game show.

Economics - Nov 29

As of 1 November 2022, Bob Rijkers has been appointed as Professor of Political Economy at the Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.). Rijkers will join Utrecht University as a part time professor, for a period of five years, and combine this with current position as Senior Economist at the Development Research Group of the World Bank.

History - Nov 29

In total, more than a hundred authors contributed to 'Nog meer wereldgeschiedenis van Nederland' ('Even More Global History of the Netherlands'), editor Professor of Social and Economic History  Lex Heerma van Voss says. 21 of them are affiliated to the Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University. In the 720-page book, the historians consider Dutch history from a global perspective.

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