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VU signs DNNL agreement to expand diversity, sustainability and entrepreneurship

Innovation - Apr 16

On April 16, President of the Executive Board Margrethe Jonkman and Chief Impact Officer Davide Iannuzzi have signed an agreement with the Dutch New Narrative Lab (DNNL). "With this agreement, we fortify our collaboration, reaffirming our dedication to diversity, sustainability, and entrepreneurship - values exemplified by DNNL.

Environment - Apr 15

VU installs 'Fossil-Free Research' committee

Are we walking the talk? The 'Fossil-Free Research' committee was officially installed Thursday, April 11, at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam. The committee will review new research collaborations with the fossil fuel sector within VU Amsterdam.

Innovation - Apr 10

Coen van der Geest's Research Visit at BI Norwegian Business School

A PhD candidate from the KIN Center for Digital Innovation, Coen van der Geest, is currently on a research visit at BI Norwegian Business School.

Campus - Apr 5

Ready for the future with the new VU Research Strategy

VU Amsterdam is at the heart of a rapidly changing world. Societal issues that have a major impact on our daily lives are becoming increasingly complex.

Media - Mar 28

Gossip is good for your social life and allows you to cooperate better


Gossip is inextricably linked to our social interactions. We gossip to keep each other informed about the behavior and character of others.

Environment - Mar 13

Small rivers tell the story of thawing permafrost

What effect does climate change have on Arctic permafrost? Earth scientist Niek Speetjens conducted research in Canada and discovered that the small river systems provide a lot of insight into the thaw of permafrost.

Career - Jan 18

ERC Proof of Concept grants for VU researchers

Nienke van Atteveldt, professor of neuroscience and society at VU Amsterdam, and Tieme Janssen, an associate professor, have received a Proof of Concept (PoC) grant of 150,000 euros from the European Research Council (ERC) for the project Explore Your Brain 2.

Fermentation project gets green light for NWO Perspective program

Agronomy & Food Science

Supermarket shelves are filled with them, but plant-based alternatives for dairy and meat are not always tasty.

Research Management - Apr 11

Five ERC Advanced Grants for Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Professors Herbert Bos (Computer Science), Johannes de Boer (Biophotonics), Roberta Croce (Biophysics), Thomas Spijkerboer (Migration Law) and Ulbe Bosma (International Comparative Social History) at Vrije Universiteit Amster

Environment - Apr 5

Connected World project: Connecting Climate Discourse and Religious Language

The threat of drought, floods, famine, and conflict due to climate change is often described in apocalyptic terms. Statements that the end of the world is near and that there will be no escape, can be found both in religious texts and in urgent calls for climate action.

Indigenous contributions are essential for intercultural state-building

Social Sciences

Bolivia is at the forefront in terms of its constitutional framework, the presence of indigenous professionals in public administration and the succe

Gravitation for scientists to investigate adaptability of societies in crises

Social Sciences

The open society is increasingly threatened by crises such as pandemics, terrorism, floods, and earthquakes.

Health - Mar 8

Grants in Impact Explorer for unexpected discoveries


During the research, you sometimes encounter results that you did not expect. Although this was not part of the research plan, you still want to do something with it.

Environment - Jan 9

Many devastating extremes in 2023 were amplified by global warming


2023 was an extraordinary year for climate: each month from June onward was warmer than the corresponding month in any previous year.

Fermentation project gets green light for NWO Perspective programme

Agronomy & Food Science

Supermarket shelves are filled with them, but plant-based alternatives for dairy and meat are not always tasty.

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