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Psychology - 03.06
PhD (4 Years) Position Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Pedagogy - 01.06
Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities and Society (tenure track) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
History/Archeology - 01.06
Assistant Professor in Spatial Approaches to Digital Humanities (Tenure Track) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Life Sciences - 01.06
Technician in plant-fungal symbiosis Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Pedagogy - 31.05
Postdoc: using personal deepfakes in charismatic leadership training Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Pedagogy - 03.04
Assistant Professor (career track) in Participatory AI Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Economics - 07.03
Postdoc Data engineer Project FIRMBACKBONE Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Music - 20.02
IT Consultant Orchestration Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Economics - 01.10.2022
Postdoc Economics of Water Resources Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Environment - Jun 1

The Impact ranking of Times Higher Education (THE) strongly reveals the social commitment of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Research and education of VU Amsterdam is among the top 15 percent of 1.591 participating universities worldwide when it comes to impact on the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Environment - May 26

On Friday 26 May, the SustainaBul was handed out in which higher education institutions in the Netherlands are rated on sustainability. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the most sustainable university this year and came in second on the full ranking.

Philosophy - May 10

Reading and discussing world literature contributes to the moral development of business school students, whereby stories stimulate their moral imagination and empathy.

Health - Apr 25

If a sudden cure can't be scientifically proven, then how? General practitioner Dick Kruijthoff tries to answer this question in his dissertation 'Healing after prayer, an interdisciplinary case study'.

Environment - Apr 18

When permafrost thaws, the Arctic could face massive problems from legacy industrial contamination and pollutants. A team of researchers led by Moritz Langer from VU Amsterdam and Guido Grosse from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) in Potsdam investigated the potential scale of this problem.

Architecture - Mar 27

The striking VU Main Building, loved and reviled, celebrates its 50th anniversary on 12 April next. Freek Schmidt, professor of the history of architecture and the living environment, talks about the vision behind the design and its significance for its surroundings.

Campus - Mar 14

Sorry! De informatie die je zoekt, is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. The number of students studying at Dutch universities in the 2022-2023 academic year has remained the same from last academic year.

Environment - Feb 27

Sorry! De informatie die je zoekt, is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. You are not logged in yet to My study choice Portal. Login or create an account to save your programmes. The National Growth Fund is allocating 100 million euros to the project 'Future-proof Living Environment: Transition to Emission-Free, Circular and Climate-Proof Building and Infrastructure'.

Environment - May 22

Adaptation measures, like building dikes at coastal cities, can reduce internal migration due to sea level rise by 30 to 90 percent in 2100.

Environment - May 9

VU Amsterdam climate scientist Sem Vijverberg developed new methods to make long-term weather predictions with the help of data-driven techniques. Suchlike predictions can be extremely useful to the agricultural industry.

Environment - Apr 20

From our values-driven mission, VU Amsterdam, through scientific education, research and valorisation, makes a meaningful contribution to a better world that is sustainable, fair and liveable.

Life Sciences - Mar 30

As a result of a power failure, VU's network and systems briefly went down this morning. Several systems need time to restart. The Service Desks are also currently unavailable by phone. Huib Mansvelder, neuroscientist at VU Amsterdam, has been awarded an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).

Innovation - Mar 21

Research indicates that humans perceive artistic creations produced by artificial intelligence as less impressive and creative than those produced by humans themselves.

Administration - Mar 6

Sorry! De informatie die je zoekt, is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. You are not logged in yet to My study choice Portal.

Sorry! De informatie die je zoekt, is enkel beschikbaar in het Engels. You are not logged in yet to My study choice Portal.

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