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The University of Basel is a university which performs excellently in research and teaching. Founded in 1460, Switzerland’s oldest university has over 550 years of successful history.

As a university offering a wide range of quality education, it attracts students from Switzerland and all around the world and offers them excellent study conditions at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level. Today, the University of Basel counts around 13,000 students coming from over one hundred nations.


Physics - Nov 23
Physicists at the University of Basel have experimentally demonstrated for the first time that there is a negative correlation between the two spins of an entangled pair of electrons from a superconductor. For their study, the researchers used spin filters made of nanomagnets and quantum dots, as they report in the scientific journal Nature.
Health - Nov 21

Liver cancer is one of the most deadly types of cancer. A team of University of Basel researchers has now uncovered how a healthy liver cell turns into a tumor cell. Comprehensive metabolic changes convert mature liver cells into immature progenitor cells. These cells proliferate rapidly and tumors develop.

Health - Nov 14

Although the coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 does not infect nerve cells, it can cause damage to the nervous system. Researchers from the University of Basel and University Hospital Basel have studied the mechanisms responsible for this effect, known as -neuro-Covid-, and identified starting points for its prevention.

Health - Nov 9

An interdisciplinary research team from the University of Basel and the University Hospital Basel has studied the effects of the Covid-19 booster vaccination on the heart muscle. According to their findings, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, mild damage is more common than previously thought. Cardiologist Professor Christian Müller talks about the results in an interview.

Health - Nov 7

Cancer cells use sugar molecules on their surface to disable attacks by the body's immune system. Researchers at the University of Basel now report on how this mechanism can be neutralized.

Health - Nov 1

The heart disease arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy can lead to sudden death, particularly affecting young athletes. Researchers at the University of Basel have now genetically modified mice, which develop a similar disease to that found in humans. This allowed the team to identify previously unknown mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets.

Pedagogy - Oct 18

The values that matter most to primary school children are safety and the well-being of others. Teachers, meanwhile, also want to cultivate self-direction - in the same way that the Swiss curriculum aims to do. These are the initial findings of an extensive study conducted by the Institute for Educational Sciences to explore how values are taught in schools.

Life Sciences - Oct 11
Life Sciences

For a long time, antibiotics were considered a silver bullet against bacterial infections. Over time, many pathogens have adapted to resist antibiotics, so the search for new drugs is becoming increasingly important. An international team of researchers including scientists at the University of Basel, has now discovered a new antibiotic by computational analysis and deciphered its mode of action. Their study is an important step in the development of new effective drugs.

Health - Nov 16

Although the complement system forms part of the innate immune system, it can cause damage to the body in some cases. This is because unwanted complement activation contributes to many autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases. Now, researchers have described molecular details of a recently approved class of drugs that can inhibit the complement system. These findings pave the way for further optimization of such inhibitors.

Life Sciences

Researchers at the University of Basel have uncovered a cell-intrinsic mechanism that controls the appropriate number of T cells in the organism and thus ensures that the immune system functions properly. This mechanism has also been found in slime molds, suggesting that this regulation of cell density is evolutionarily conserved.

Health - Nov 7

Cells can generate vesicles as a response to changes in their environment. Although such cell-derived vesicles have great potential for biomedical research, their membrane is fragile and they have tendency to cluster together. Researchers at the University of Basel have successfully introduced a strategy to overcome these issues by equipping the vesicular membrane with a stabilizing shell.

Economics - Nov 3

Threat or salvation? The way in which people judge globalization depends on whether it benefits them or not. Our own experiences are crucial here, and carry more weight than forecasts of potential gains. This has been shown in an experiment by researchers at the University of Basel.

Mathematics - Oct 18

For more than a century, the Euler Committee of the Swiss Academy of Sciences has been publishing the works and correspondence of the mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783). The publication of the final printed volume at the end of October also marks the beginning of the digital age, explains Hanspeter Kraft, President of the Bernoulli-Euler Society.

Life Sciences - Oct 12
Life Sciences

On 11 October 2022, the Swiss High-field NMR Facility was inaugurated with a scientific symposium at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel. The new technology platform is operated jointly by the Universities of Basel and Zurich and the ETH Zurich and offers researchers around Switzerland access to cutting-edge technology in the field of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.

Health - Oct 6

Nikon has selected the Department of Biomedicine's microscopy facility as its first -Center of Excellence- in Switzerland. There are only a few of these centers in the world, including one at Harvard. Co-director of the facility Pascal Lorentz explains what this means for Basel as a center of research.

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