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Location: Geneva - Lake Geneva region
Rue du Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève


The University of Geneva (UNIGE) is an institution devoted to research, teaching and dialogue. It is the site of academic creativity and the transmission of knowledge.

Since its foundation in 1559 the University of Geneva has developed ever higher ethical standards and steadily increased in quality and the will to innovation. Today it is one of Europe’s leading universities.

The University of Geneva also shares the international calling of its host city, Geneva, a centre of international and multicultural activities with a venerable cosmopolitan tradition. Its desire to expand its collaboration with partner institutions and broaden its appeal to researchers and students from around the world has made the University of Geneva a "globalised university", a meeting place for academic disciplines and various cultures, and a forum for ideas.


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Chemistry - 09.07
Assistant Professor (tenure Track) in Inorganic Chemistry University of Geneva
Health - 17.07
Assistant-e (A2) University of Geneva
Health - 15.07
Post-doctorant-e University of Geneva
Pedagogy - 09.07
Un poste d’assistant-e doctorant-e à 100% University of Geneva
Health - 03.07
Maître assistant-e University of Geneva
Economics - 21.06
Candidat-e au Doctorat à 100% University of Geneva
Computer Science - PhD
Doctorate of Science in Computer Science University Geneva
Psychology - PhD
Graduate School in Affective Sciences University Geneva


An over- or under-synchronised brain may predict psychosis

Life Sciences - Jul 22
Life Sciences

A team from the University of Geneva shows that overly strong or weak interconnections between certain brain areas could be a predictive marker of the disease. Is it possible to assess an individual's risk of psychosis? Identifying predictive markers is a key challenge in psychiatry. A team from the University of Geneva , part of the Synapsy Centre for Neuroscience and Mental Health Research, studied a cohort of patients with a 22q11.2DS microdeletion-a genetic anomaly linked to psychotic disorders.

Life Sciences - Jul 17

’Paleolithic’ diets are not without risks

Life Sciences

A study highlights the toxicity risks of high-protein diets, which can lead to severe neurological disorders.

How our brain decodes other people’s gaze

Life Sciences

A team from the University of Geneva has succeeded in determining the exact moment when the brain detects another person's gaze direction.

Health - Jul 2

Why schizophrenia and apathy go hand in hand

By deciphering the neural response to a possible reward in people suffering from schizophrenia, a team from the University of Geneva and HUG explains the origin of the lack of motivation, one of the symptoms of the illness.

Environment - Jun 25

Geological archives predict our climate future


By analysing 56-million-year-old sediments, a team from the University of Geneva has measured the increase in soil erosion caused by global warming, synonymous with major flooding.

Health - Jun 20

Antibiotic resistance: concerning situation in sub-Saharan African children

Focusing on enterobacteria, two studies by the University of Geneva and the HUG highlight the alarming situation in this region of the world in terms of antibiotic resistance.

Life Sciences - Jun 14

The genetic ’switches’ of bone growth

Life Sciences

Scientists at the University of Geneva have identified the genetic sequences that regulate the activity of the genes responsible for bone growth.

ANDES, the spectrograph in a quest for life in the Universe

Astronomy & Space

ESO is endorsing a new spectrograph for its future giant telescope. Switzerland is contributing thanks to its expertise in exoplanets and in high-precision instruments.

Life Sciences - Jul 10

From bands to spots, the secrets of the leopard gecko’s skin

Life Sciences

Two biologists from UNIGE determined how bands and then spots are formed on the skin of the leopard gecko.

Exceptional excavation season in Antikythera

A team of Swiss and Greek archaeologists has completed the fourth season of excavations on the wreck of Antikythera, uncovering part of the ship's hull.

The density difference of sub-Neptunes finally deciphered

Astronomy & Space

An international team has shown the existence of two distinct populations of sub-Neptunes, resolving a debate in the scientific community.

Life Sciences - Jun 24

The hippocampus, the cerebral conductor of our daily priorities

Life Sciences

Scientists from the University of Geneva and the Icahn School of Medicine have shown how a specific region of our brain is activated to prioritise our activities.

Health - Jun 18

Social inequalities widen after a breast cancer

A French-Swiss team has highlighted the long-term impact of socioeconomic inequalities on the quality of life of women who have had breast cancer. When it comes to health, inequalities can be seen at every level for women wi

6,000 years ago, men and women had equal access to resources

History & Archeology

A team from the University of Geneva shows that all the people who lived and were buried in Barmaz necropolises (Switzerland) during the Neolithic period had the same access to food resources.

3R Prize: human skin cultures to study psoriasis

This year's UNIGE 3R Prize honours work on psoriasis in which in vitro models of the human epidermis have replaced laboratory mice. .

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