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Life Sciences - Nov 24
Life Sciences

With no visual organs, how can a plant know where light is coming from? In an original study combining biological and engineering expertise, the team led by Prof. Christian Fankhauser at the University of Lausanne, in collaboration with colleagues at EPFL, has deciphered a novel mechanism using the interface between air and water to generate a gradient of light "visible" to the plant. These results have been published in the journal "Science".

Life Sciences - Nov 10
Life Sciences

Ensuring growth and development, sometimes sustained, without risking fragility. This is the delicate balance facing plants. The team led by Julia Santiago Cuellar, Associate Professor at the University of Lausanne, has revealed how a judicious arrangement of sugar molecules, like bricks, strengthens the plant wall and enables it to expand without exploding. This discovery has been published in the November 9, 2023 issue of the journal "Science".

Health - Oct 16

Swelling of one or more limbs due to lymphedema affects one in five women undergoing breast cancer surgery following the operation. The CHUV is proposing two promising new methods to treat this condition.

Researchers from the UNIL-CHUV Department of Oncology and the Lausanne branch of the Ludwig Institute publish a new study in "Immunity", demonstrating that machine learning improves the prioritization of specific mutations in certain cancer candidates for immunotherapy treatment.

Health - Sep 28

Playing Tetris for fifteen minutes can prevent psychological trauma in mothers after a difficult birth: so suggests a large-scale study conducted at CHUV and HUG and published in Molecular Psychiatry. The study's findings pave the way for a routine intervention to prevent the development of symptoms of childbirth-related post-traumatic stress disorder.

Health - Sep 25

In line with federal figures, animal experimentation at UNIL-CHUV has risen by 4% in 2022. This slight increase is due to the increased use of zebrafish, the boom in cancer research and, above all, the post-Covid catch-up. An update from Laure Seriot, Director of Animal Experimentation at UNIL-CHUV.

Health - Sep 20

Scientists at CHUV and the University of Lausanne have shown that in people living with HIV and taking antiretroviral treatment, cells functioning as "reservoirs" continue to produce parts of the virus that continually stimulate the immune system. This discovery opens the way to new therapeutic approaches.

Life Sciences

A research team from the University of Lausanne and the Wyss Center has discovered a new type of cell essential to brain function. Hybrid in composition and function between the two hitherto known types of brain cells - neurons and glial cells - these cells of a new order are found in several brain regions from mice to humans. The study, published in the journal Nature, shows that they facilitate memorization and movement control, and counteract the onset of epileptic seizures.

Environment - Oct 17

Scientists have developed an unprecedented simulation that allows the last 120,000 years of glacier evolution in the Alps to be visualized in 80 seconds. This complex computer model is the result of intensive collaboration between climatologists, glaciologists and geologists.

Life Sciences - Oct 12
Life Sciences

In most diseases caused by a single gene, the deleterious mutation could be corrected by another mutation, called a "genetic suppressor". This is what researchers at the University of Lausanne, led by Jolanda van Leeuwen, have discovered, opening up potential new therapeutic avenues.

Health - Oct 9

Researchers from the Department of Oncology UNIL-CHUV published a new study in Immunity, showing that machine learning improves the prioritization of cancer specific mutations for cancer immunotherapy.

Health - Sep 27

Researchers at the Department of Oncology (UNIL-CHUV) have published an in-depth analysis in the prestigious journal "Cell", shedding light on the hitherto unknown functions of neutrophils in brain tumor environments.

Health - Sep 24

New study in Science Immunology shows that individuals with Parkinson's disease exhibit decreased levels of CD8+ memory T cells and fail to generate memory T cells in response to COVID-19 vaccination. This underscores the critical importance of mitochondrial quality control in the formation of CD8+ memory T cells.

Life Sciences - Sep 19
Life Sciences

A team led by Rosa Chiara Paolicelli, from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Lausanne, describes how lactate promotes lysosome function in microglia, while having various consequences on other brain cells, such as neurons.

Health - Sep 5

As we age, our bodies face many challenges, including declining immune system function and increased vulnerability to various health problems. A study conducted within the UNIL-CHUV Department of Oncology has recently shed light on these challenges. It unveils a potential solution that could have far-reaching implications for aging individuals.

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