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Your bra size is affecting how much you sweat, and it’s not what you’d think

Health - Jun 17

A study by the University of Southampton has revealed a surprising link between breast size and the amount of sweat produced by the breast during exercise. The study looked at 22 women of different ages and breast sizes while they ran in a warm climatic chamber - measuring how much sweat they produced across the breast, how much heat their bodies were producing and how many sweat glands they had on different parts of their breasts.

Music - Jun 12

Singer Daniel Bedingfield backs using AI to write new music


Noughties icon Daniel Bedingfield has broken his 20-year hiatus from making music to call on artists to embrace artificial intelligence when writing new songs.

Psychology - Jun 7

Unravelling the gendered undertones of narcissism


Narcissistic tendencies are heavily shaped by our upbringing and are significant contributors to violence and bullying in adult relationships - but the causes and outcomes are different for men and women.

Crucial shift in River Nile’s evolution during ancient Egypt discovered

History & Archeology

Researchers have explored how the River Nile evolved over the past 11,500 years and how changes in its geography could have helped shape the fortunes of ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Health - May 31

Southampton Clinical Trials Unit to run ground-breaking NHS cancer vaccine programme


The Southampton Clinical Trials Unit, based at the University of Southampton, has been chosen to run a new programme accelerating research into potentially ground-breaking cancer treatments.

Environment - May 28

Global activity of seafloor biodiversity mapped for the first time


A team of scientists from the USA and UK has used artificial intelligence (AI) to map the activities of seafloor invertebrate animals, such as worm

Chemistry - May 23

Sponge-like material that could boost nuclear energy and hydrogen tech


Chemists have developed breakthrough porous materials that could be used for the future of energy, including in the nuclear industry or for storing hydrogen.

Health - May 16

Study identifies ’hot-spots’ of high rates of depression linked to deprivation


Research led by the University of Southampton shows particular regions of England have suffered over a decade of increasing mental health inequalit

Health - Jun 11

Community cafés to help people get active


A series of Active Living Community Cafés for people with long-term health conditions are being held in Southampton.

Career - Jun 6

Report proposes new rights to protect workers from ’unfair, unaccountable and uncaring’ algorithms


A report published today [6 June] calls for a new generation of rights to protect workers from the rise of 'management by algorithm'.

Health - Jun 3

Ethnic minorities experience stigma and discrimination in accessing Long Covid care


New research has found that the stigma of Covid-19, racism, and discrimination in healthcare have impacted the ability of ethnic minority patients to access healthcare for Long Covid symptoms.

Volcanic ash reveals chaos-causing seaweed’s journey

Earth Sciences

Scientists have used volcanic ash and ocean models to track the journey of huge mats of seaweed floating across the Atlantic and causing chaos in the Caribbean.

Environment - May 28

The high-tech hunt for a lonely plant’s partner


Artificial intelligence is being employed in the hunt for a female partner for a critically endangered male plant species that predates dinosaurs.

Project to understand women’s creative contributions to British filmmaking is launched

Art and Design

The lost legacy of women who've worked in the British film industry since the dawn of sound in cinema is the focus of a new national research project.

Environment - May 15

Most dangerous areas for whale shark-shipping vessel collisions revealed


Researchers have found that heavily used shipping lanes pass through crucial whale shark feeding grounds, posing a threat to this endangered species.