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Life Sciences - Apr 13
Yvette Fisher is a new member of the UC Berkeley faculty. (Photo by Chris McCarty) Name: Yvette Fisher (she/her) - Degrees:  B.S., neuroscience, UCLA, 2009; Ph.D., neuroscience, Stanford, 2016 Research interests: Spatial navigation in fruit flies to understand how nervous systems flexibly process information.
Campus - Apr 13

Catherine Koshland, vice chancellor for undergraduate education, has been named the interim executive vice chancellor and provost.

Life Sciences - Apr 13

Megan Martik is a new member of the UC Berkeley faculty. (Photo by Dana Breiter) Name:  Megan Martik (she/her) - Degrees: B.S. Carnegie Mellon University, 2009; Ph.D. Duke University, 2015 Research interests: The genetic programs of embryonic development and how these same programs are reused in adult organ regeneration.

Campus - Apr 9

Listen to  Berkeley Talks episode #111: "Franklin Zimring on the tragedy of U.S. police killings." - Jennifer Johnson-Hanks: Hello, and welcome to the 2021 Martin Meyerson Berkeley Faculty Research Lectures.

Criminology - Apr 9

Subscribe to  Berkeley Talks,  a  Berkeley News  podcast that features lectures and conversations at UC Berkeley. Berkeley Law professor Franklin Zimring gave a lecture, "Police Killings: An American Tragedy,” as part of the 2021 Martin Meyerson Berkeley Faculty Research Lectures.

Campus - Apr 6

Historian Robert Middlekauff, a leading scholar of early American history, died March 10. (Photo courtesy of the George Washington Prize organization) Robert Middlekauff, a prolific scholar of early American history who held several top leadership positions at UC Berkeley, died from complications of a stroke on March 10 at his home in Pleasanton, California.

Campus - Apr 6

Campus officials are strongly encouraging all members of the campus community to promptly sign up for free Experian credit and identity theft monitoring services following the announcement from the University of California last week of a serious cyberattack involving UC files.

Health - Apr 13

Fenyong Liu is a professor in UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. His thesis research led to the discovery of the herpes simplex virus protease. Now, he's working on human herpesvirus 5: cytomegalovirus, figuring out how to treat and prevent virus infection.

Event - Apr 12

A BAMPFA staff member admires the exhibition, Rosie Lee Tompkins: A Retrospective , which includes 75 of the late Bay Area artist's quilts, which will be on display at the museum through July 17. (BAMPFA photo) After being closed for more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) will be reopening its doors to the public on Sunday, May 2.

Campus - Apr 9

Four UC Berkeley faculty are among this year's 184 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellows. The prestigious awards recognize scholars with impressive achievements in fields ranging from the natural sciences to the creative arts.

Astronomy - Apr 7

Dan Werthimer, a co-founder of the popular screen saver SETI@home and a UC Berkeley astronomer who developed ever-more-sensitive radio receivers to aid the search for extraterrestrial intelligence on other planets, will share the 2021 Drake Award, named after the father of SETI, astronomer Frank Drake.

Criminology - Apr 6

See all Fiat Vox episodes. Berkeley News  writer Ed Lempinen talks about why Berkeley Law professor Jonathan Simon thinks an acquittal of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, on trial for the death of George Floyd, is more likely than not.

Social Sciences - Apr 6

On April 12, a panel of experts will examine African Americans' and Jews' responsibilities to one another in the country's current racial reckoning. Here, demonstrators react to the death of George Floyd last year.

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