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Environment - Jun 30
Daniel Tkacik has been appointed as the new executive director of the Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation. Tkacik succeeds Anna Siefken in this role, as she is on leave with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Technology Transitions.
Life Sciences - Jun 30

A CMU researcher leads work on auditory attention - Many hearing loss patients have the same complaint: They have trouble following conversations in a noisy space. Carnegie Mellon University's Barbara Shinn-Cunningham has spent her career conducting research to better understand this problem and how it affects people at cocktail parties, coffee shops and grocery stores.

Pedagogy - Jun 28

Meg Richards wants young people to know there is no magic formula for being successful. "New graduates tend to get a lot of advice, especially early in their career. I want to make sure they know that even the person giving the advice isn't perfect and may not always be the embodiment of their words," she said.

Art and Design - Jun 24

Impressionistic compositions add element to Phipps Conservatory's Summer Flower Show. Collaboration blooms between Carnegie Mellon University and its neighbor, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

Computer Science - Jun 22

G. Sayeed Choudhury, currently the associate dean for digital infrastructure, applications, and services and Hodson Director of the Digital Research and Curation Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University, will join Carnegie Mellon University Libraries in a newly created role to raise awareness of and stimulate collaboration among open-source projects that take place across the university.

Computer Science - Jun 22

CMU researchers use AI to teach robots to see water A horse, a zebra and artificial intelligence helped a team of Carnegie Mellon researchers teach a robot to recognize water and pour it into a glass.

Politics - Jun 16

A new study finds parenting styles are a strong indicator for how people think about a wide range of social issues, from education to elder care.

Innovation - Jun 13

DOE, in collaboration with CMU, to host the world's premier international clean energy event bringing together ministers and other energy leaders to accelerate global clean energy deployment and innovation.

Environment - Jun 29

The ESG Index will serve as the go-to resource for accurate data in monetary pollution. Investing according to environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria has gained considerable momentum in recent years.

Innovation - Jun 24

2024 Innovation Scholars bring startup mentality to Carnegie Mellon - Coleman Isner and Roshni Surpur, two members of the recently announced at Carnegie Mellon University's Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship , have something in common.

Campus - Jun 23

Conrad Zapanta , a teaching professor in the Carnegie Mellon University Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), has been appointed the new associate dean for Undergraduate Studies, effective July 1, 2022.

Computer Science - Jun 22

CMU research shows Twitter drives popularity, contributors to open-source software. Want to be popular with lots of friends? Get out there and tweet. That advice holds true for open-source software projects as well, according to a new study from researchers in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.

Campus - Jun 16

Tung Au, emeritus professor in the Carnegie Mellon Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and Engineering and Public Policy Departments, passed away on May 31, 2022, at 98 years old. Au served on the faculty with great distinction from 1957 until retiring in 1992.

Computer Science - Jun 14

Entrepreneur Ophir Tanz pushes computer vision forward - On the cutting edge of a frontier, Ophir Tanz approached his moment in history with vision - specifically, computer vision. Tanz (right) , a Carnegie Mellon University alumnus, announced earlier this year that the Food and Drug Administration cleared his company Pearl's software, Second Opinion, the first artificial-intelligence tool to help dentists detect conditions in patient X-rays.

Event - Jun 12

CMU alumni have earned 58 Tonys to date - onstage, behind the scenes and more On the hallowed stage of Radio City Music Hall, the Tony Awards just delivered one of the most robust productions of its 75-year history.

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