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Overcoming treatment barriers for people with infectious diseases and substance use disorders

Health - Jun 12

Johns Hopkins infectious disease specialist Seun Falade-Nwulia works to ensure patients receive the carefully coordinated care they require. This article was originally published by Dome in its May/June 2024 issue. As a child growing up in Nigeria, Johns Hopkins physician Seun Falade-Nwulia felt distressed by the plight of female children and women in her society.

Health - Jun 11

Surprisingly high levels of toxic gas found in Louisiana


Soaring ethylene oxide level detected, threatening children's health, according to research led by Johns Hopkins environmental engineers.

Webb telescope reveals asteroid collision in neighboring star system

Astronomy & Space

The observations spotlight the volatile processes that shape star systems like our own, offering a unique glimpse into the primordial stages of planetary formation.

Mathematics - Jun 7

Report: Red Line will increase job access in Baltimore


New Johns Hopkins model predicts how much time proposed rail line could save commuters.

A new visualization of everything on Earth

Computer Science

Co-created by a Johns Hopkins professor and alum, the interactive science visual compares the weight of the natural with the man-made.

Politics - Jun 5

Artificial intelligence and its impact on the 2024 elections


How election experts are thinking about AI and its impact on the 2024 elections

Health - Jun 4

26 from Johns Hopkins earn Fulbrights


A record-breaking number of JHU affiliates received awards this spring from the Fulbright U.S. Student Program in support of their cont

Worms are an unlikely hero in evolution, Johns Hopkins scientists say

Earth Sciences

Johns Hopkins scientists pinpoint an unlikely hero in evolution: Worms

Sport - Jun 10

Coach Babb says 46th season will be his last


Johns Hopkins baseball coach Bob Babb says 46th season will be his last

Environment - Jun 10

Henderson-Hopkins solar panels bring power to East Baltimore homes


Approximately 150 lowto moderate-income households will receive discounts on their electricity bills thanks to new solar panels at the Henderson-Hopkins School.

Health - Jun 5

Linking colon cancer to gut bacteria


Johns Hopkins researchers suspect gut bacteria could hold clues to rising rates of colorectal cancer among younger Americans.

’Weird’ planet endures nearby star’s relentless radiation

Astronomy & Space

'Weird' planet retains atmosphere despite nearby star's relentless radiation.

Health - Jun 4

Dip your toes into forest bathing


Immersing oneself in nature offers health benefits to adults and children alike. Here's how to get started.

Hopkins launches major effort to elevate the arts

Art and Design

Across the university, art and arts programming abound. A new initiative led by Dan Weiss, former president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, aspires to boost the arts through a synergistic vision, enriching the institution and the broader community

Health - May 31

Nearly one-third of U.S. adults know someone who has died of drug overdose


Johns Hopkins researchers' survey also finds that familiarity with a fatal overdose death bolsters recognition of addiction as an important policy issue that spans party lines.

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