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Experts estimate scenarios for excess deaths in Gaza

Health - Apr 15

International team including Johns Hopkins experts makes excess deaths projections in Gaza. Johns Hopkins civil and systems engineering professor Tak Igusa explains how the research team modeled projections of future casualties from trauma, infectious diseases, and other factors in Gaza. If fighting continues at a similar pace through August, the conflict in Gaza could cause between 58,260 and 66,720 excess deaths from military action, disease, malnutrition, poor sanitation, a lack of medical care, and more, according to a report issued in February by an international team of experts including researchers from Johns Hopkins University.

Health - Apr 15

What’s happening with dairy cows and bird flu?


Though the virus is circulating in dairy cows, human exposure remains low, Johns Hopkins public health experts say.

Health - Apr 9

JHU graduate programs among nation’s best


Johns Hopkins graduate programs again ranked among nation's best

Hopkins experts discuss the total solar eclipse

Astronomy & Space

Johns Hopkins experts discuss the upcoming total solar eclipse

The great bookish bake-off

Linguistics & Literature

More bakers than ever compete in the Sheridan Libraries' annual Edible Book Festival featuring baked goods inspired by literature.

Environment - Apr 3

California leads U.S. emissions of little-known greenhouse gas


The state emits more of the common pesticide sulfuryl fluoride than the rest of country combined, a Johns Hopkins study finds.

Campus - Apr 2

MSE Library prepares for major transformation


The multiyear renovation, which begins July 10, will transform MSE into a more modern, accessible, and innovative resource for both digital and print-based scholarship at Johns Hopkins University.

Veterinary - Apr 1

Science shows Baltimore’s cats are friendly little guys


A look at post-doc Charlotte Fare's very important study of the cats of Baltimore, in which she surveyed a subset of the city's felines to examine their appearance and disposition.

What’s quieter than a fish? A school

Life Sciences

Surprising study finds schools of fish can make less noise than a solitary swimmer. Swimming in schools makes fish surprisingly stealthy underwater, with a group able to sound like a single fish.

Undergrads help NASA uncover the mysteries of Venus

Astronomy & Space

Johns Hopkins undergrads help NASA uncover the mysteries of Venus

New Jersey earthquake makes waves in Baltimore

Earth Sciences

A seismometer on Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus picked up Friday's earthquake, says Benjamin Fernando, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences.

Economics - Apr 4

’Nonstop, relentless, inspiring’


'Nonstop, relentless, inspiring': Remembering Pava LaPere's life of innovation and impact.

Health - Apr 2

Safeguarding human health on a rapidly changing planet


New Johns Hopkins institute aims to safeguard human health on a rapidly changing planet.

John Barth, prolific author and revered mentor, dies at 93

Linguistics & Literature

John Barth, towering literary figure and revered mentor, dies at 93

Politics - Apr 1

An up-close look at pro-democracy conservatives

Report provides up-close look at pro-democracy conservatives

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