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Campus - Mar 23

Employees and students are encouraged to complete the confidential survey by April 28. Johns Hopkins launched its first-ever universitywide climate survey this week, an opportunity for university leadership to better understand people's experiences, behaviors, and perceptions of life at Johns Hopkins across all campuses.

Health - Mar 22

Some 80-year-olds seem like they're 60, while some 60-year-olds seem closer to 80. Johns Hopkins researchers are part of a new program to understand and predict the differences in how we all age.

Environment - Mar 21

Understanding the EPA's proposed regulations of 'forever chemicals' in water systems.

Health - Mar 17

While advances in immunotherapy have dramatically improved cancer survival, unleashing the immune system can lead to a host of adverse-sometimes life-threatening-reactions. How can patients pay less of a price?

Heart tissue heads to space to aid research on aging, impact of long spaceflights.

Media - Mar 10

Tuesday, March 14-Pi Day-is Johns Hopkins' seventh annual ONEHopkins Giving Day, an opportunity to show your support.

In the quest to understand how we think, 'everything has been working up to this,' says biomedical engineer Joshua T. Vogelstein, part of the international team led by Johns Hopkins University and the University of Cambridge

Politics - Mar 7

Up-and-comer Louis Burns works to connect congressman with constituents

Music - Mar 22

A pandemic pivot improvisation becomes a new tradition at Peabody

Synthetic data for AI outperform real data in robot-assisted surgery

The JHU-CMU team is spearheading a Space Technology Research Institute to prevent failure in additively manufactured spaceflight materials.

Interactive light organ brightens Johns Hopkins

Health - Mar 10

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center ceased collecting and reporting pandemic data. J ohns Hopkins University & Medicine's Coronavirus Resource Center ceased collecting and reporting COVID-19 data today-three years after the institution embarked on the unprecedented effort of publicly tracking and analyzing an unfolding pandemic in real time.

Campus - Mar 8

Get to know Hamilton Goss, Hopkins' inaugural director of culinary innovation, as he reflects on the past year of Hopkins Dining's self-operated model.

Environment - Mar 7

Jim Bellingham, executive director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Assured Autonomy, discusses the potential to use AI in tracking and mitigating the effects of climate change ahead of a presentation at the South by Southwest Conference on March 15.

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