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Pharmacology - Jun 30
New documents show McKinsey's role in fueling opioid epidemic Consulting firm's work with pharmaceutical companies to help increase sales detailed in UCSF-Johns Hopkins opioid documents archive
Innovation - Jun 29

The fund provides early funding for commercialization of faculty members' cutting-edge research.

Life Sciences - Jun 29
Life Sciences

A student-created app brings the biology lab experience to users' smartphones, paving the way for a more accessible lab education.

Astronomy - Jun 28

Johns Hopkins planetary geophysicist Kevin Lewis is co-investigator for a NASA mission that aims to study ice and water on the moon's surface.

Health - Jun 27

A team of student volunteers designed and created a wheelchair platform that allows a father to connect with his infant son face-to-face.

Economics - Jun 27

Local leaders join Johns Hopkins to celebrate the impact of working together, investing in Baltimore.

Health - Jun 24

'Our institutions will continue to be guided by the evidence-based best practices,' university and medicine leaders write in a message to the Johns Hopkins community.

Art and Design - Jun 22
Art and Design

Johns Hopkins and the Baltimore community commemorated Juneteenth with an event on the Beach featuring music, dance, and spoken word performances.

Health - Jun 29

The recently expanded technology development team at Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures aims to speed up the commercialization process for viable ideas.

Environment - Jun 28

The dangerous extremes are expected to topple records as the effects of climate change continue to shift weather patterns.

Law - Jun 28

During a media briefing Friday, experts from the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions discussed the impact of the Supreme Court's decision to remove concealed carry restrictions in New York.

Social Sciences - Jun 27
Social Sciences

Johns Hopkins University's Innovation Fund for Community Safety marks its first year supporting programs that aim to address the root causes of violence in Baltimore.

Health - Jun 27

Deans from the schools of Public Health, Medicine, and Nursing affirm commitments to women's reproductive health and evidence-based care and education.

Pharmacology - Jun 23

The CDC and FDA approved vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech in children older than 6 months; vaccinations began this week.

Campus - Jun 21

Office of Institutional Equity releases annual report for 2021

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