Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW

Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW

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Location: Zurich - Region Zurich
Gertrudstrasse 15, 8400 Winterthur


The ZHAW is one of the leading Swiss universities of applied sciences. The ZHAW is active in teaching, research, continuing education and services - with a practical and scientific focus.


Economics - Feb 22

For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic, the Swiss population is using cash significantly less often. Mobile payments, on the other hand, are growing steadily and are used almost as often as cash. The Swiss Payment Monitor conducted by the ZHAW and the University of St. Gallen also shows that debit cards are continuing to extend their lead as the most popular means of payment

Sport - Nov 30, 2023

Cruciate ligament injuries are among the most common injuries in sport. Researchers from the ZHAW and ZHdK have developed the ExerUp game in collaboration with a practice partner to help people return to their previous level of activity in addition to physiotherapy

Transport - Nov 3, 2023

The range of transport services for people with disabilities varies greatly in Switzerland and is difficult to access due to complex organization and high prices. This is shown by a study of the ZHAW. This means that the goals of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the area of mobility are not being met.

Environment - Oct 10, 2023

Alpine solar plants can produce up to four times as much electricity in the winter half-year as plants in the Central Plateau. This is shown by measurements with a test system in the Davos-Parsenn ski area, which were carried out by the ZHAW over the last five years

Campus - Sep 15, 2023

The ZHAW requires additional space in Winterthur. The canton of Zurich will coordinate the further development of the university closely with the city of Winterthur and align it with its planning. This will benefit both students and teachers as well as the city's population

Environment - Nov 22, 2023

Young Swiss use their smartphones for almost three years before replacing them. That's almost a year longer than in 2016, according to the latest JAMESfocus report from ZHAW and Swisscom. While technical features and price remain central for young people when buying a cell phone, sustainability criteria are also gaining in importance

Health - Oct 19, 2023

In order to drive forward the digitization of healthcare in Switzerland, the benefits and opportunities for all stakeholders must be demonstrated even better. This is made clear by the current Digital Health Report from the ZHAW. Society's fears and how to overcome them also play a role

Social Sciences - Oct 5, 2023
Social Sciences

Around 45 percent of the Swiss population is considering moving. More than half of them would like more living space. This is shown by a study conducted by the ZHAW in collaboration with the Federal Office of Housing, the Fédération Romande Immobilière, the Swiss Homeowners Association and Raiffeisen Switzerland

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