Medicine - Sep 20
Researchers at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford have discovered a new molecule that plays a key role in the immune response that is triggered by influenza infections. The molecule, a so-called mini viral RNA, is capable of inducing inflammation and cell death, and was produced at high levels by the 1918 pandemic influenza virus.
Life Sciences - Sep 20

Using some of the most advanced neuroimaging equipment in the world, researchers at Cardiff University's Brain Imaging Research Centre (CUBRIC) are set to study the brain function and structure of 17

Psychology - Sep 20

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Physics - Sep 20

New findings published in ''Nature' on the formation of matter / Experiments provide information on the beginnings of the universe The building blocks of matter in our universe were formed in the first 10 microseconds of its existence, according to the currently accepted scientific picture.

Medicine - Sep 20

Twenty years after the University of Wisconsin-Madison's James Thomson derived the first human embryonic stem cell lines (ESC), his revolutionary discovery is just beginning to emerge on the clinical landscape.

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