Environment - Nov 14
( 14-11-2018 ) Researchers of Ghent University are teaching Ghanaian cocoa farmers how to produce better and more cocoa beans in a sustainable way. With a share of 20% of the premium cocoa beans on the international market, Ghana plays a significant role in the global cocoa production. However, the last couple of years Ghana has suffered low productivity rate and limited profit margins in its cocoa production.
Health - Nov 14

Researchers at the University of Glasgow are collaborating with Malawian scientists to try to find out why some people in Malawi develop type 2 diabetes - even though many are slim and highly active.

Physics - Nov 13

In optics, the era of glass lenses may be waning. In recent years, physicists and engineers have been designing, constructing and testing different types of ultrathin materials that could replace the thick glass lenses used today in cameras and imaging systems.

Environment - Nov 13

New opportunities for environmental protection and serious discussions about infrastructure could be among the ripple effects of the midterm election results.   The recent midterm elections could have

Life Sciences - Nov 14

The scorpion Kolotl magnus from Guerrero, Mexico. UW-Madison scientists have made a fresh attempt to untangle the scorpion family tree using not the shape and structure of the arachnids' bodies, but the shape of their venom.

Health - Nov 13

EPFL scientists have discovered how a dysfunction in the immune system can cause an overload of a gut bacterium.

Psychology - Nov 13

Researchers have developed an emotional intelligence test for the workplace that can be used to assess and predict an employee's abilities in interpersonal relations and leadership capabilities.

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