Breakthrough Classifies Types of Arrhythmia Recordings With Precise Aleatoric and Epistemic Uncertainty - A team comprising CEA-Leti, CEA-List and two CNRS laboratories has published a new paper in Nature Communications presenting the first complete memristor-based Bayesian neural network implementation for a real-world task-classifying types of arrhythmia recordings with precise aleatoric and epistemic uncertainty.

The FWF is funding a PhD programme on discrete mathematics coordinated by Michael Kerber. In addition, a new special research area in which TU Graz is participating is being funded and an existing SFB is being extended.

Health - Mathematics

In the wake of Sir Patrick Vallance's evidence at the Covid inquiry, Professor James Cheshire (UCL Geography) and Rob Davidson (UCL Political Science) explain how scientists can create better data visualisations to help policymakers grasp statistics in The Conversation.

Health - Mathematics

The EU is putting up millions in funding for immunology, mathematical life sciences and pure mathematics projects.

Jörn Dunkel and Surya Ganguli '98, MNG '98 receive Science Polymath awards; Josh Tenenbaum is named AI2050 Senior Fellow.

Mathematicians are using their expertise to improve IVF success rates, according to a new study. A team of researchers have redesigned the needle used in IVF procedures, helping to increase the likelihood of having a baby through this treatment.

Event - Mathematics - Nov 6
Event - Mathematics

Mathematician Raffaella Mulas, political historian Susie Protschky, and geographer Makoto Takahashi each receive a VU Startpremie.

Life Sciences - Mathematics

The simple activity of walking through a room jumpstarts the neurons in the human brain. An explosion of electrochemical events or "neuronal spikes" appear at various times during the action.

Astronomy / Space Science - Mathematics

New approach developed by Johns Hopkins researchers promises to improve the accuracy of celestial object matching.

Prof. Michael Feischl is investigating how to achieve maximum precision in complicated computing tasks with minimal computer effort. He has been awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant for his work.

Environment - Mathematics

UBC and UBCO math teachers who want to use their math skills for good have collaborated with climate scientists to bring the climate crisis into their classrooms.

Mathematics - Life Sciences

New funding and an extension: DFG funds two Research Training Groups at the University of Göttingen.

Twelfth grader Jessica Wan three-peats, as MIT hosts the 15th competition for female middle and high school math enthusiasts.

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Innovation - 04.10
Scientist (m/f/d) in Cryptography (Postdoc) Austrian Institute of Technology, Wien
Pedagogy - 02.11
Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream - Statistics University of Toronto
Mathematics - 08.12
Postdoc Position in Homotopy Theory (1.0 FTE) Utrecht University
Mathematics - 29.11
Professur "Theoretische Mathematik", Fakultät für Mathematik Technische Universität Chemnitz
Mathematics - 28.11
Juniorprofessur für ’Angewandte Statistik und Data Science’ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Mathematics - 04.12
Post-doctorant (H/F) en géométrie algébrique CNRS, Dijon
Mathematics - 08.12
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Statistics University of Oxford
Mathematics - 08.12
Founder’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in Statistics Columbia University
Mathematics - 08.12
Founder’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in Statistics Columbia University
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