66% of Valencian citizens are committed to waste sorting

Two out of three citizens in the metropolitan area of Valencia have a positive or very positive attitude (enthusiasts and committed) towards waste sorting, according to a report by the Institute of International Economics of the Universitat de València. This report is a result of an agreement with the Waste Treatment Metropolitan Entity (EMTRE).

The report also shows that 82% of the survey respondents sort and recycle waste. Young people are the least likely recycle, even though they are the most informed.

The report is entitled ’Análisis del comportamiento de la ciudadanía respecto al depósito de residuos en el Érea Metropolitana de Valencia’ (Analysis of the behaviour of the citizenship with regard to recycling in the metropolitan area of Valencia) and was written by teachers Haydeé Calderón, Teresa Fayos and Berta Tubillejas. In the presentation of the report participated General Manager of the EMTRE Francisco Potenciano, Councillor for Hygiene of the Valencia City Council Carlos Mundina, General Director of Valencia European Green Capital Antonio Gala, and Full Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the UV Haydée Calderón.

The report’s results show the behaviours, motivations, attitudes and intentions of Valencian citizens towards waste sorting and recycling. It will serve as a basis for the design of courses of action by waste management.

The report highlights the high level of awareness and motivation of citizens to sort waste correctly. The main motivations of the citizens are the contribution to the protection of the environment, the well-being of humanity, and the personal satisfaction of sorting.

On the other hand, there is a great lack of awareness, especially about which materials are recyclable, and when or where they should be recycled. The report also shows that 33.5% of the population have never been to an ecopark.