Advances in direct air capture technology set to progress with Economic Accelerator Grant

The development of DAC2Bio - a Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology focused on carbon dioxide and water production from atmospheric air - will be fast-tracked thanks to $195,000 in seed funding through the Department of Education ’s Australia Economic Accelerator (AEA) Seed Grant.

With support from The University of Queensland , Woodside Energy and Bondi Bio , this AEA funding is set to scale up DAC2Bio units for adaptation by bioindustries, given their need for large quantities of water and carbon dioxide as inputs into their systems. DAC2Bio will provide a dependable, consistent, and on-demand supply of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to bioindustries, paving the way towards achieving net-zero2050 targets.

DAC technology seeks to actively remove carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere and - in doing so - create the potential for a circular carbon economy where a sustainable source of greenhouse gas is transformed into valuable products, including natural fertilisers, plastics, polymers and other high-demand substances.

Lead entrepreneur Dr Masood S. Alivand from the Faculty of Engineering said the project aims to scale up DAC technology for commercial scale bioindustries.

"Our research will consider innovative approaches to DAC technology and sustainable solutions for the growing markets," Dr Alivand said.

"DAC2Bio will have a strong emphasis on sustainability and is well placed to lead the way in carbon recycling and reuse.

The DAC2Bio v2.0 will use new design principles for medium-concentration CO2 production at a competitive price on a commercial scale. This achievement will fast-track the deployment of DAC technology and promote CO2 utilisation for cyanobacteria and natural photosynthetic ingredients production in bioindustries."

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