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From 12 to 21 May 2021, TUW is collecting the specific number and data of TUW employees willing to be vaccinated for the Vienna Vaccination Service.

Since the beginning of May, the City of Vienna has been increasingly vaccinating employees of companies ( ). The rectorate was quick to advocate for employees through the TUW’s participation in the Viennese PCR test programme "Alles gurgelt" and thus achieved the integration of the TU Wien into the system of "companies". The next step was for the TUW to report an estimate of the number of employees willing to be vaccinated against Corona to the Vienna Vaccination Service.

Internal data collection on employees willing to be vaccinated

From 12 to 21 May 2021, TUW is collecting the specific number and data of TUW employees willing to be vaccinated for the Vienna Vaccination Service. TUW employees can enter their data here: (TUW login required!). This data will be stored in accordance with data protection regulations and exclusively for the purpose of internal organisation, transmitted to the Vienna Vaccination Service and then deleted. Bettina Neunteufl is appointed as TUW vaccination coordinator in the Rector’s office.

Definite vaccination periods have not yet been announced by the Vaccination Service of the City of Vienna. If you already have confirmed vaccination dates in the near future (e.g. in another province or due to belonging to a different risk or occupational group), please do not make any changes or cancellations and keep your vaccination dates!

Note: Reservations at the Vienna Vaccination Service in the category "Pupils, students, university staff" or reservations in other categories/groups of persons remain unaffected.

Vaccination centres

There will not be a separate vaccination line at the TU campus for these company vaccinations. This was the result of Vice Rector Eberhardsteiner’s coordination with the office of the city health councillor, because the logistical effort on campus would be too high and therefore not reasonable. Moreover, in addition to the professional set-up, the municipal vaccination centres are very well reached by the public and barrier-free due to their staff and infrastructure. You can verify that you are a TUW employee at the company vaccination appointments with your TUcard employee ID card.

Thank you very much for your vaccination willingness! By doing so, you are sending a personal - and also as an employee of the TU Wien - important signal and helping to contain the pandemic!

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