CreaTech 2024 Event Series Lookback

Our first event
Our first event

A lookback at Digital Futures, Creative Manchester and the Turing Innovation Catalyst (TIC) Manchester’s CreaTech 2024 events aimed at supporting the development of a network of industry professionals working in CreaTech and related industries.

In March 2024 Creative Manchester partnered with Turing Innovation Catalyst Manchester and Digital Futures for a ground-breaking series of events throughout, focused on bringing together people in Manchester working in CreaTech - shining a light on the potential for innovation that can be derived from intersections between the creative, technology and digital sectors.

This series of events aimed to build a CreaTech network to provide support, funding and connections to help grow this sector. These events echoed the aspirations of the Greater Manchester city region to develop the CreaTech sector and to facilitate partnerships between the university and the wider GM Business Community.

We are pleased to announce that our recap is now live, featuring photos and outputs of the breakout sessions. We are also pleased to have worked with Into Productions to produce a suite of after movies showcasing People’s experiences at the events and highlighting the importance of networking across the emerging CreaTech sector.

Our first event invited individuals interested and working in the gaming/animation/VR/AR industry within Greater Manchester to network with each other and collaborate. We asked them to uncover the overall theme of "How Do We Make Manchester Great?" within breakout groups. See what attendees had to say about CreaTech innovation and the importance of networking across the sector.

In our second event ’Digital Artisans’ we bridged the gap between tradition and innovation through looking at how artisanal craft can harness Createch This event was held at GRIT Studios a fitting setting to delve into how independent artists can come together to chart a path towards a future where tradition and innovation converge, propelling Manchester’s artisan arts and crafts sector to new heights of success.

Our next event focused on CreaTech innovation in the Audio and Sound sector. Held in the entrepreneurial atmosphere of Arbeta , the event brought together enthusiastic, experts, and visionaries from diverse backgrounds, all’united by their passion for the intersection of creativity, technology, and sound. See what attendees had to say about the importance of CreaTech in the sound industry.

Our next event focused on the fast-paced world of ’Creative AI’ and took place at Fire Up Rochdale. This event brought together creatives who have an interest in digital technology and AI. Furthering the CreaTech ethos, the event connected inspired individuals who wanted to understand how to stay at the front of technological change and how their work practice has adapted to the advances in accessible AI.

The final instalment in the CreaTech Network Series surrounded the theme of Fashion , taking place in the iconic Halle St Peter’s in Ancoats. Bringing together professionals and enthusiasts in the Fashion scene around Manchester. We asked attendees about how they thought technology could change the landscape of the Fashion industry.

As our CreaTech Network events of March 2024 have drawn to a close, we reflect on the exciting potential all’attendees have reflected through the CreaTech network and look forward to future collaborations.

We have helped to pave the way for a strong network of Creatives in Greater Manchester ready to tackle the evolving CreaTech sector. We have also gained an understanding of the University of Manchester’s role in an increasingly digital and technology focused landscape.