Donor building seeks destination building

Pavilion based on Martinus G. de Bruin building
Pavilion based on Martinus G. de Bruin building

By 2025/2026, Utrecht University’s Martinus G. de Bruinge building must be demolished to make room for specialist new construction. To reuse the old building in the highest possible quality and avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions, Utrecht University is looking for a consortium of builders, architect and demolishers to design and develop their own based on the Martinus G. de Bruinge building. Because this is the only way to give sizeable impactful building parts such as hollow core slabs and structural elements a new life, resulting in maximum positive CO2 impact!

To meet the 2050 climate goals towards a fully circular building economy, Utrecht University sees a need for a different approach to dismantling buildings. By not just placing the responsibility of reuse on a demolisher, but looking for a consortium in the market that will give the building a new life elsewhere. At the same time, Utrecht University is exploring the possibilities of reusing parts of the building in its new buildings. ’Through this project, Utrecht University is playing its part in shaping a sustainable and circular building economy,’ said Alex Ziegler, head of sustainability consultancy Utrecht University.

Building marketplace

Making the Martinus G. de Bruin building available is done in cooperation with Gebouwenmarktplaats. The site where buildings that are dismantled are brought to the attention at an early stage, so that architects and developers can design and develop a new building based on the donor building. For the Martinus G. de Bruinge building, Gebouwenmarktplaats has also commissioned sketches from DOOR architects to visualise and inspire the possibilities.

12 October: open day Martinus G. de Bruingebouw

On 12 October, Utrecht University will hold an open day and interested parties will be given a tour of the building. There will also be room to talk to the client University of Utrecht. This is also the last chance to show interest. After 12 October, the balance will be drawn up and Utrecht University will enter into talks with interested parties. You can register for the open day via