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Law - 07:09
Journalists exposed to prosecution under Foreign Interference Act
Journalists may face decades in prison for 'foreign interference' offences unless urgent changes are made to Australia's national security laws, according to a University of Queensland researcher.

Psychology - Health - 07:07
Researchers open registration for seasonal affective disorder workshops
People in the west of Scotland who suffer from 'winter blues' are being urged to sign up for a series of creative workshops to help deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Physics - Mathematics - 06.10.2022
Simulating neutron behavior in nuclear reactors
Amelia Trainer's work is fundamental to understanding how nuclear reactors operate. A passion for computer modeling and poetry have stood her in good stead through her research career.

Health - 05.10.2022
Swiss TPH Designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Verbal Autopsy
Swiss TPH Designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Verbal Autopsy
The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated Swiss TPH as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Verbal Autopsy.

Economics / Business - Environment - 05.10.2022
Canada’s financial and accounting systems fail to recognize the financial value of nature
As Canada prepares to unveil its National Adaptation Strategy at COP27 and to host the COP15 biodiversity conference in Montreal, nature is still assigned a value of zero in our financial and accounting systems.

Health - Social Sciences - 05.10.2022
Over 300,000 ’excess’ deaths in Great Britain attributed to UK Government austerity policies
Recent evidence has shown people across the UK are dying younger as a result of austerity, with people living in the poorest areas hardest hit.

Linguistics / Literature - Campus - 05.10.2022
Holding on to Hopkins' history
Holding on to Hopkins’ history
You just clicked submit on a library request. Now what? Meet the tight-knit team that manages the university's massive collection.

Career - Innovation - 05.10.2022
Constructive approach to error-making boosts innovation
This year's Swiss HR Barometer focuses on working conditions that promote innovative behaviours amongst employees. Approaching errors in an open manner, a practice prevalent in Switzerland, has a positive effect on innovative behaviour as well as attitudes to work. Scope for improvement is found in areas such as support for new ideas, personnel development and compensation.

Health - Life Sciences - 05.10.2022

Materials Science - Economics / Business - 05.10.2022

Health - Psychology - 05.10.2022
Pandemic-related disparities persist, California Health Interview Survey finds
Key takeaways: The percentage of California young adults who say they have thought about comitting suicide is 30.5%, a significant increase over last year, and more than double the proportion from five years ago.

Campus - 05.10.2022
A factory for FrEDs at MIT
Graduate students create on-campus assembly factory for fiber extrusion devices. MIT is famous as a factory of ideas.

Innovation - Computer Science - 05.10.2022
Four startups to watch from University of Toronto Engineering's Hatchery Demo Day 2022
Four startups to watch from University of Toronto Engineering’s Hatchery Demo Day 2022
From brain data software that simplifies neuroscience research to wearable technology that will protect older adults from fall-induced injuries, four student-led startups at the University of Toronto are moving closer to commercial viability.

Innovation - Environment - 05.10.2022

Life Sciences - Computer Science - 05.10.2022
Circuits for Survival
Circuits for Survival
Hertz professor Dominik Bach invited to Inaugural Symposium Understanding the brain with artificial intelligence - that is the major research goal of Dominik Bach, since April of this year Hertz Professor in the Transdisciplinary Research Area "Life and Health" at the University of Bonn.

Health - 05.10.2022
A nose to diagnose: improving Parkinson’s diagnosis
Parkinson's is a complex disease to diagnose and relies on practitioners' ability to recognise a myriad of different symptoms.

Chemistry - Life Sciences - 05.10.2022
Chemistry Nobelist Carolyn Bertozzi’s years at UC Berkeley
Carolyn Bertozzi as a young professor at UC Berkeley. Carolyn Bertozzi, a professor at Stanford University who today shared the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, spent her formative and most creative years at UC Berkeley.

Physics - Materials Science - 05.10.2022
New kind of shape-memory material
New kind of shape-memory material
The ceramic-based material could be used for highly efficient actuators for aircraft or other uses, with minimal moving parts. Shape-memory metals, which can revert from one shape to a different one simply by being warmed or otherwise triggered, have been useful in a variety of applications, as actuators that can control the movement of various devices.

Astronomy / Space Science - Earth Sciences - 05.10.2022
Documentary featuring Professor Sara Seager wins Emmy Award
"The Hunt for Planet B" follows Seager and others on their search for extraterrestrial life; three other nominated films feature MIT affiliates.

Economics / Business - Politics - 05.10.2022
Supply Chain Resilience as a Political Imperative
Like most other disciplines emanating from the need to educate a managerial class in business schools, supply chain management was predominantly deployed at a firm-focused analytical level.

Health - Computer Science - 05.10.2022

Social Sciences - 04.10.2022
Celebrating our community during Diversity Week 2022
Celebrating our community during Diversity Week 2022
This year's theme of the annual diversity week at TU/e is -The paradox of Diversity-, focusing on including LGBTQ+ staff and students.

Campus - 04.10.2022

Physics - 04.10.2022
Former Berkeley Lab Scientist John Clauser Among Three Awarded the 2022 Nobel for Physics for Work on Quantum Mechanics?
Former Berkeley Lab Scientist John Clauser Among Three Awarded the 2022 Nobel for Physics for Work on Quantum Mechanics The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics to Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger "for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science.

Environment - 04.10.2022
Calculating the carbon cost of food wastage
A calculator which could reduce the level of carbon emissions generated by food wastage has been developed by data scientists at the University of Leeds.

Environment - Campus - 04.10.2022

Computer Science - Event - 04.10.2022

Economics / Business - 04.10.2022

Health - 04.10.2022
Scientific data for decision making
For nearly 40 years, the Statistical Consulting Service has been assisting faculty, students and external clients with their research projects Paul Fortin, rheumatologist, professor in the Department

Health - Psychology - 04.10.2022
Grandparents who stopped caring for grandchildren during the pandemic had worse mental health
Grandparents who stopped looking after their grandchildren during the Covid-19 pandemic were considerably more likely to experience depressive symptoms compared to those who continued to care for their grandchildren, finds a new UCL-led study.

Health - 04.10.2022
Study of Alzheimer’s patients launched in bid to find early test
A new study by scientists at PharmaKure - a UK based pharmaceutical company spun out from The University of Manchester -is to examine blood biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease patients. The study of the patients tested by either PET brain imaging or amyloid deposits in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) aims to identify a blood test which could help with earlier diagnosis of the disease.

Environment - Economics / Business - 04.10.2022

Chemistry - Health - 04.10.2022
How the secrets of the ’water bear’ could improve lifesaving drugs like insulin
Inspired by creatures that survive in harsh environments and aided by UCLA's Innovation Fund, a team has invented a polymer with the potential to extend the shelf life and reach of medications UCLA chemist Heather Maynard had to wonder: How do organisms like the tardigrade do it? This stocky microscopic animal, also known as a water bear, can survive in environments where survival seems impossible.

Transport - Architecture - 04.10.2022

History / Archeology - Environment - 04.10.2022
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