Henk Kummeling Chair State Commission on the Rule of Law

The Council of Ministers has approved the establishment of a State Commission on the Rule of Law. The committee is chaired by our Rector Magnificus and Distinguished University Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law Henk Kummeling. The assignment is to analyse the functioning of the constitutional state and make proposals for strengthening it. In its assignment, the committee will pay particular attention to protecting citizens from unforeseen and undesirable consequences of government measures.

The State Commission on the Rule of Law is established on the recommendation of ministers Weerwind (Legal Protection) and Bruins Slot (Interior and Kingdom Relations). The committee stems from the report Ongekend Onrecht on the allowance affair. That report found that the fundamental principles of the rule of law had been violated in the benefits affair and that citizens were severely disadvantaged as a result. Following this report, the House of Representatives adopted a motion by members Omtzigt and Van Dam asking the government to establish a State Commission to look into the functioning of the rule of law.

The committee will investigate the functioning of the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government. In doing so, the committee will look both at these three powers individually and at their interrelationships. Proper protection of citizens against government decisions and effective legal protection of citizens are key concerns in this regard.

The committee will present its advice to the government by 1 June 2024. Henk Kummeling finds it honourable and a very nice opportunity to get to work on this commission. "This brings together almost everything I have done and researched in my academic career," he says. The rector expects to devote half a day a week to the ancillary activity. The remuneration will benefit Utrecht University.

This brings together almost everything I have done and researched in my academic career.