MyCampus is now live: A new way to report issues in UCL’s buildings

UCL Portico
UCL Portico

The MyCampus system is now live. Staff and students should use MyCampus to report maintenance issues and track progress in most UCL buildings - read on to find out more.

Following a successful pilot in six buildings late last year, and in line with our Strategic Plan’s focus on improving the management of our estate , we’re now rolling out a replacement for the current system of reporting estates issues and requests to the Helpdesk team, as we know from community feedback that is an area which can create frustration. The first phase of testing the new system took place last Autumn in six buildings. 

You can now report any estates issues or requests in UCL buildings (with the exception of buildings on the UCL East campus, and Halls of Residence if you’re a student) via MyCampus.

You can use MyCampus to raise requests for a variety of things including: 

  • Building repairs and maintenance 
  • Furniture/porterage 
  • Cleaning/hygiene 
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation 
  • Power and lighting 
  • Waste management 
  • Lifts 
  • Leaks 

What is MyCampus? 

MyCampus is an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), which has been designed to allow the UCL community to communicate with Estates to let them know if there are issues. It provides a single source of truth for all Estates data to inform decision-making on the operational requirements of UCL’s estate and provides a better customer experience.

How to use the MyCampus service: Video

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