Working towards an inclusive research landscape 

Driven by the shared goal of showcasing the diverse pathways of women in science within Luxembourg and inspiring young girls to follow their scientific passions, the institutions comprising Research Luxembourg have once again united for the third season of the video series "Women & Girls in Science", in collaboration with the Ministry for Gender Equality and Diversity.

One month to celebrate women and science 

The campaign starts today, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, with a teaser video introducing the 6 women featured in the campaign. One to two new videos will be released every week until 8 March, International Women’s Day.

The videos will be available on the website of Research Luxembourg as well the University and profiles.

Be brave - Women & Girls in Science 2024  

Choosing the path of science and research can have many trajectories. To show a glimpse of what different science journeys can look like, the video series present six women, each representing different institutions, scientific focuses, backgrounds, and roles. Whether they are a PhD candidate, research scientists or a professor, the narratives shared in this third season encapsulate the diverse array of career opportunities available in the field of science and research in Luxembourg.

Each video serves as a captivating narrative, providing insights into the personal and professional journeys of these women in science in Luxembourg. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the motivations guiding their choices and the invaluable messages they wish to convey to young girls harbouring a keen interest in science.

Brace yourselves for a compelling exploration of the varied world of women in science.

Two successful first seasons  

The "Women & Girls in Science" highlights the narrative of diverse women scientists in Luxembourg, their achievements, and personal journeys. Its goal is to empower women and girls in research, defy stereotypes, and create a more inclusive scientific landscape, while celebrating that science is open to all.

Launched in 2022, the first seasons attracted more than 550,000 viewers and numerous positive feedback on social media.