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Astronomy - Aug 20
The full suite of scientific instruments, including cameras that will give us our eyes on Mars, the drill that will retrieve pristine soil samples from below the surface, and the onboard laboratory that will seek out signs of life are all installed on the ExoMars rover.
Environment - Aug 20

Under a pilot project being spearheaded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), a team of experts - including civil and environmental engineers from EPFL - are studying methods to help protect a region of the Andes Mountains threatened by glacial retreat.

Earth Sciences - Aug 13
Earth Sciences

A unique project is linking in-situ measurements with natural hazards research. For the past ten years, a network of wireless sensors on the Matterhorn's Hörnli ridge has been constantly streaming measurement data on the condition of steep rock faces, permafrost and prevailing climate.

Earth Sciences - Aug 7

Earth's magnetic field seems steady and true - reliable enough to navigate by. Yet, largely hidden from daily life, the field drifts, waxes and wanes. The magnetic North Pole is currently careening toward Siberia , which recently forced the Global Positioning System that underlies modern navigation to update its software sooner than expected to account for the shift.

Environment - Aug 15

The Earth's carbon cycle is crucial in controlling the greenhouse gas content of our atmosphere, and ultimately our climate.

Earth Sciences - Aug 8

Cardiff University scientists have revealed the true extent of the internal ‘plumbing system' that drives volcanic activity around the world. An examination of pockets of magma contained within crystals has revealed that the large chambers of molten rock which feed volcanoes can extend to over 16 km beneath the Earth's surface.

Environment - Aug 6

The Southwest has always faced periods of drought. Most recently, from late 2011 to 2017, California experienced years of lower-than-normal rainfall.

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Earth Sciences - 20.08
Research Technician University College London
Earth Sciences - 20.08
Teaching Fellow in Human Geography University of Leeds
Earth Sciences - 19.08
Human-environment interactions in floodplains in the period 500-1500 AD Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
Environment - 16.08
Lecturer in Hydrogeology University of Queensland
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