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Ethnic minority claimants living in rural areas of England are more likely to face sanctions when claiming Jobseeker's Allowance compared to their White counterparts. Academics from Cardiff University used Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) data to analyse the total number of sanction and referral decisions made in each local authority (LA) for different ethnic groups over a period of seven years.

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Research team analyses organic material from the early Earth tracing its origin and composition.

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Flaws in planning, design and construction processes that ignored established best practices were the root causes of most injuries and deaths in last

Study: Detection of Earthquake Infragravity and Tsunami Waves with Underwater Distributed Acoustic Sensing.

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Researchers from Utrecht University have successfully simulated the collapse of the large-scale ocean circulation in the Atlantic Ocean using a complex climate model, revealing severe global climate repercussions with Europe bearing the brunt. They published their findings in the scientific journal Science Advances today.

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For the first time, pollutants from burning fossil fuels have been found embedded in corals, offering scientists a potential new tool to track the hi

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey have uncovered the first direct evidence that the West Antarctic Ice She

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A study led by astrobiologist Catherine Neish for Western University shows the subsurface ocean of Titan - the largest moon of Saturn - is most likely a non-habitable environment, meaning any hope of finding life in the icy world is dead in the water.

EXPERTS ADVISORY NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory reported this week that Great Lakes ice coverage has reached a historic low. The report states that Great Lakes ice coverage was measured at 2.7% on Feb.

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Climate changes usually happens over long periods of time, but during the last glacial period, extreme fluctuations in temperature occurred within just a few years. Researchers at the University of Basel have now been able to prove the phenomenon also occurred during the penultimate glacial period.

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Exoplanets with a radius twice that of the Earth are rare. A team from MPIA, UNIGE and UNIBE has come up with new explanations.

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A new study makes the case for asteroid strikes setting in motion global glaciation in the distant past.

Earth Sciences - Environment

Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz was inspired during a field trip to the Flinders Ranges to find out how volcanic activity turned our blue dot to an ice covered planet.

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