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Environment - Sep 22
EPFL spin-off Hydromea has developed a miniature optical modem that can operate down to 6,000 meters below the ocean's surface. It is sensitive enough to collect data at very high speeds from sources more than 50 meters away. If you want to use a connected device underwater, you don't have many options.
Environment - Sep 22

International research team led by Göttingen University shows patterned vegetation regenerates by -ecosystem engineering- of the grasses.

Chemistry - Sep 21

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and from ETH Zurich want to make so-called zeolites more efficient.

Environment - Sep 18

Despite climate change being most obvious to people as unseasonably warm winter days or melting glaciers, as much as 95 percent of the extra heat trapped on Earth by greenhouse gases is held in the world's oceans.

Environment - Sep 21

The trade-off between gleaners and exploiters does not explain the diversity of biological species in the way that scientists expected. Our understanding of biodiversity has to change.

Astronomy - Sep 21

An international team of astronomers, including researchers from the University of Cambridge, has discovered a new class of planet, an 'ultrahot Neptune', orbiting the nearby star LTT 9779.

Environment - Sep 16

Summary of major extinction events through time, highlighting the new, Carnian Pluvial Episode at 233 million years ago.

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Environment - 17.08
Wissenschaftliche/-r Mitarbeitende/-r Stadtökologie 80 % Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften - ZHAW, Wädenswil
Environment - 21.09
Researcher - Informal Cities project University of Oxford
Campus - 21.09
Departmental Lecturer in Human Geography University of Oxford
Campus - 18.09
PhD fellow in Crop root growth and nitrogen physiology University of Copenhagen
Environment - 18.09
Youth Climate Change Programme Coordinator 0.2 fte (SC3814) University of East Anglia
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