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Earth Sciences - Jul 11
Earth Sciences
Last week's massive southern California earthquakes shut down Ridgecrest Regional Hospital throughout the July 4 holiday weekend while the tiny town of Ridgecrest assessed the damages. A new optical sensor developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) could speed up the time it takes to evaluate whether critical buildings like these are safe to occupy shortly after a major earthquake.
Palaeontology - Jul 10

An artistic rendering of what Lori, scientifically known as Hesperornithoides miessleri, may have looked like when she was alive roughly 150 million years ago. Image by Gabriel Ugueto Scientists have long known that birds and dinosaurs are related, but as with many families, it's complicated.

Earth Sciences - Jul 2
Earth Sciences

  An analysis of sediment transport in the Rhône Valley yields surprising results: melting glaciers overcompensated for the effect of the increased number of hydropower plants.

Physics - Jun 19

Berkeley Lab scientists participate in the discovery of ognitite; other candidate new-mineral studies in progress.

Earth Sciences - Jul 2

A new method for observing water within ice has revealed stored meltwater that may explain the complex flow behavior of some Greenland glaciers, an important component for predicting sea-level rise in a changing climate.

Earth Sciences - Jun 25

The findings of a research expedition to coastal Greenland which examined, for the first time, how melting ice is affecting supplies of nutrients to the oceans has been published in the journal Progress in Oceanography.

Earth Sciences - Jun 14
Earth Sciences

An international team of scientists - including a volcanologist from the University of Bristol - have uncovered why underwater earthquakes are linked with the tides.

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