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Agronomy - Feb 19
High wind speeds can significantly reduce the efficiency of a honey bee's search for food, according to a new research paper published this week. Experts at the University of Sussex found that the foraging rate of honey bees significantly decreased in higher wind speeds due to increased hesitancy to take off.
Agronomy - Feb 11

Splatter gun technology testing is successfully attacking several rangeland weeds, minimising chemical usage and better targeting weed outbreaks. The technique involves applying a high concentration jet or ‘splatter' of herbicide onto the foliage of plants.

Life Sciences - Feb 5

A bumble bee's diet affects survival and reproductive capabilities Are bees dying of malnourishment? Professor Sara Diana Leonhardt examines the interactions between plants and insects with her work group at the TUM School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan.

Agronomy - Jan 13

International food supply patterns are supporting healthier diets in parts of the world, but causing malnutrition and obesity elsewhere. Research carried out by the University of Kent and Imperial College London has revealed diets are changing in complex ways worldwide.

Life Sciences - Feb 5

Researchers at the University of Oxford and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered a new gene that improves the yield and fertilizer use efficiency of rice. The worldwide late-20 th century 'Green Revolution' saw dramatic year-by-year increases in global grain yields of rice and other cereals.

Environment - Jan 22

Algorithms and sensors for sustainable and future-proof agriculture - European Union Directives stipulate a reduction in nitrate levels in groundwater.

Life Sciences - Jan 9
Life Sciences

A new approach to treating overweight and obesity - 1.9 billion people in the world are overweight.

Currently 26 Job in field Agronomy/Food Science.
Selected Jobs
Agronomy/Food Science - 19.02
Wissenschaftliche_r Mitarbeiter_in (w/m/d) (Fakultät für Agrarwissenschaften) (ID 100665) Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Life Sciences - 19.02
Technicien de laboratoire en virologie de la faune sauvage (H/F) Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail (Anses), Boulogne-sur-Mer
Agronomy/Food Science - 17.02
Research Associate University of Bath
Agronomy/Food Science - 14.02
Agricultural Technician University of California Riverside
Agronomy/Food Science - 12.02
Post-Doctoral Researcher - Thermal Food Processing Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
Agronomy/Food Science - 10.02
Post-Doctoral Associate University of Maryland
Environment - 22.01
Using data assimilation and weather forecasts in irrigation scheduling (PhD scholarship) Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
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