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Skyrmions move at record speeds: a step towards the computing of the future

Physics - Electroengineering

An international research team led by scientists from the CNRS 1 has discovered that the magnetic nanobubbles 2 known as skyrmions can be moved by electrical currents, attaining record speeds up to 900 m/s. Anticipated as future bits in computer memory , these nanobubbles offer enhanced avenues for information processing in electronic devices.

Quantum Precision: A New Kind of Resistor

Physics - Electroengineering

Researchers at the University of Würzburg have developed a method that can improve the performance of quantum resistance standards. It's based on a quantum phenomenon called Quantum Anomalous Hall effect.

Progress in Quantum Physics: Researchers Tame Superconductors

Physics - Electroengineering

An international team including researchers from the University of Würzburg has succeeded in creating a special state of superconductivity. This discovery could advance the development of quantum computers.

Unlocking new science with devices that control electric power

Electroengineering - Health

Seron Electronics, founded by Mo Mirvakili PhD '17, makes research equipment with applications including microelectronics, clean energy, optics, biomedicine, and beyond.

Negative emissions despite enormous energy input

Environment - Electroengineering

From the desert to Swiss industry: As part of the new Mining the Atmosphere initiative, researchers are pursuing the goal of harvesting renewable ene

A new ion trap for larger quantum computers

Physics - Electroengineering

Researchers at ETH have managed to trap ions using static electric and magnetic fields and to perform quantum operations on them. In the future such traps could be used to realize quantum computers with far more quantum bits than have been possible up to now.

Boosting student engagement and workforce development in microelectronics

Northeast Microelectronics Coalition Hub funding will expand the reach of the Northeast Microelectronics Internship Program for firstand second-year college students.

Resistance-Free Electron Channels

New Technique Lets Scientists Create Resistance-Free Electron Channels - " layout="backlink-only" Key Takeaways. Scientists have taken the first atomic-resolution images of an exotic quantum phenomenon that could help researchers advance quantum computing and energy-efficient electronics.

Propelling atomically layered magnets toward green computers

MIT scientists have tackled key obstacles to bringing 2D magnetic materials into practical use, setting the stage for the next generation of energy-efficient computers.

Report reveals what kind of households are the most energy efficient

Smaller and newer homes use less energy than larger, older ones, confirms a new report by UCL researchers that offers unique insights into household energy consumption across the country.

’Imagine it, build it’ at MIT

In class 2.679 (Electronics for Mechanical Systems II) a hands-on approach provides the skills engineers use to create and solve problems.

UCL receives £54m boost to doctoral training in engineering and physical sciences

Physics - Electroengineering

The UCL Faculties of Engineering, Mathematical & Physical Sciences and Life Sciences will lead seven new government-funded Centres for Doctoral Training and be a partner in a further two.

Preventing Magnet Meltdowns Before They Can Start

Physics - Electroengineering

The particle accelerators that enable high energy physics and serve many fields of science, such as materials, medical, and fusion research, are dr

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