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A better way to ride a motorcycle

Mechanical Engineering

Motorcycles are designed to accommodate the average-sized rider, leaving taller and shorter riders vulnerable to discomfort. A new study from the University of Waterloo used software that predicted realistic motorcycle riding behaviours, considering human factors and ergonomic trade-offs. It found that shorter and taller statures require joint adjustments to achieve their preferred riding posture.

Students aim to take the bite out of noisy dental drills

Mechanical Engineering

Johns Hopkins students aim to take the bite out of noisy dental drills

Control technology as a breakwater

Mechanical Engineering

Researchers have discovered how sloshing movements can be actively suppressed during the highly dynamic transportation of liquids.

A ’quantum leap’ at room temperature

Physics - Mechanical Engineering

Scientists have achieved a milestone by controlling quantum phenomena at room temperature.

Mechanical Engineering - Dec 20, 2023

Formula racing car built by Southampton students enters motorsport’s hall of fame

Mechanical Engineering

A formula racing car built by students from Hampshire has run its final lap and found a home on the podium at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu.

Students Create Elaborate Homemade Machines for JPL Competition

Astronomy & Space - Mechanical Engineering

Oakwood School's Team Pink won first place in the Invention Challenge at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Boosting rocket reliability at the material level

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Zack Cordero's research focuses on extending the lifespan of reusable rockets, while simultaneously reducing the risk of catastrophic failure.

H2 Go: record-seeking Bath engineering team successfully runs hydrogen-powered engine

Mechanical Engineering

Hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine developed by University of Bath students runs for first time ahead of speed record attempt.

Bath joins UK consortium spearheading hydrogen fuel system development for aviation

HyFIVE group funded with £37 million to support zero-emission flight in the UK.

New year, new name: 3mE is now called Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Science (3mE) is starting the new year with a new name: Mechanical Engineering (ME). The name change took effect from 1 January. With this name, the faculty returns to the basis that connects all disciplines and strengthens their external profile.

University of Manchester partners with Cummins to develop future power solutions

Image (from left to right): Michael Burkinshaw, Technical Advisor - Materials Science and Engineering, University Collaborations Leader (Cummins), Philip Bonello, Reader in Engineering Dynamics (University of Manchester), All

Building a better indoor herb garden

Randall Briggs '09, SM '18 created the GardenByte indoor herb garden to grow crops three times faster than they would do outdoors.

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