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Microtechnics - Jun 23
A navigation algorithm developed at the University of Zurich enables drones to learn challenging acrobatic maneuvers. Autonomous quadcopters can be trained using simulations to increase their speed, agility and efficiency, which benefits conventional search and rescue operations.
Economics - May 4

This is part 1 of a three-part series examining the effects of robots and automation on employment, based on new research from economist and Institute Professor Daron Acemoglu.   In many parts of the U.S., robots have been replacing workers over the last few decades.

Microtechnics - Mar 19

Using a novel type of cameras, researchers from the University of Zurich have demonstrated a flying robot that can detect and avoid fast-moving objects. A step towards drones that can fly faster in harsh environments, accomplishing more in less time.

Computer Science - Mar 9

Three people and a robot form a team playing a game. The robot makes a mistake, costing the team a round. Like any good teammate, it acknowledges the error. " Sorry, guys, I made the mistake this round," it says.

Computer Science - Mar 27

Pandemic response requires "dull, dirty, dangerous" jobs suited for robots. Robots could perform some of the "dull, dirty and dangerous" jobs associated with combating the COVID-19 pandemic, but that would require many new capabilities not currently being funded or developed, an editorial Robotics argues.

Computer Science - Mar 16
Computer Science

With the help of machine learning, ETH researchers have developed a novel yet low-cost tactile sensor. The sensor measures force distribution at high resolution and with great accuracy, enabling robot arms to grasp sensitive or fragile objects.

Computer Science - Mar 5
Computer Science

By observing humans, robots learn to perform complex tasks, such as setting a table. Roboticists are developing automated robots that can learn new tasks solely by observing humans.

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Computer Science - 03.07
Research Engineer (100%) EPFL, Lausanne
Computer Science - 03.07
Senior Scientist ohne Doktorat (w/m/d) - Kopie Technische Universität Wien
Computer Science - 03.07
Senior Scientist ohne Doktorat (w/m/d) Technische Universität Wien
Computer Science - 01.07
Senior Scientist ohne Doktorat (w/m/d) - Software Engineering Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Computer Science - 01.07
Senior Scientist ohne Doktorat (w/m/d) - Cyber-Security Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Computer Science - 01.07
Senior Scientist ohne Doktorat (w/m/d) - Roboterethik Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Microtechnics - 30.06
Assistant professor in Modelling and Simulation in Industrial Automation University of Southern Denmark
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