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Life Sciences - Oct 11
Life Sciences
EPFL scientists have developed a deep-learning based motion-capture software that uses multiple camera views to model the movements of a fly in three dimensions. The ultimate aim is to use this knowledge to design fly-like robots.
Computer Science - Oct 10
Computer Science

Sensitive synthetic skin enables robots to sense their own bodies and surroundings - a crucial capability if they are to be in close contact with people.

Life Sciences - Oct 1

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are one step closer to creating biological-mechanical hybrid machines as they work to develop soft robots that can sense and respond to chemical signals.

Environment - Sep 11

A bio-inspired bot uses water from the environment to create a gas and launch itself from the water's surface. The robot, which can travel 26 metres through the air after take-off, could be used to collect water samples in hazardous and cluttered environments, such as during flooding or when monitoring ocean pollution.

Astronomy - Oct 2

This Autumn is seeing a number of experiments controlling robots from afar, with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano directing a robot in The Netherlands and engineers in Germany controlling a rover in Canada.

Environment - Sep 12

A bio-inspired bot uses water from the environment to create a propelling gas and launch itself from the water's surface.

Health - Sep 11

Collaborations with EU researchers and institutions have been critical to the UK's success in robotic surgery research and innovation.

Currently 16 Job in field Microtechnics.
Selected Jobs
Computer Science/Telecom - 09.10
Postdoc: Privacy-preserving algorithms for robot motion planning (3mE19-87) Delft University of Technology
Computer Science/Telecom - 09.10
PhD: Deep Robot Action and Control (3mE19-86) Delft University of Technology
Computer Science/Telecom - 08.10
Postdoc: Robust Deep Sensor Fusion for Human-Robot Interaction (3mE19-85) Delft University of Technology
Career - 08.10
Associate Professor in Control Theory University of Southern Denmark
Computer Science/Telecom - 07.10
Postdoc: Interactive Reinforcement Learning (3mE19-84) Delft University of Technology
Electroengineering - 03.10
PhD Multisensing Heart-on-a-chip microsystem BE & ECTM (EWI2019-65) Delft University of Technology
Microtechnics - 27.09
Research Fellow in Robotics and Drones University of Leeds
Computer Science/Telecom - 26.09
Research Associate / Fellow in Robotic Control (Fixed-term) University of Nottingham

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