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Transport - Sep 16
Many Americans use a ride-hailing service - like Uber or Lyft - to get to and from work. It provides the privacy of riding in a personal car and the convenience of catching up on emails or social media during traffic jams. In the future, self-driving vehicles could provide the same service, except without a human driver.
Electroengineering - Sep 12

When frost forms on the ground overnight even when temperatures are well above freezing, or water droplets appear on car windshields even on a clear night, the cause is often a phenomenon called radiative sky cooling.

Transport - Sep 3

Alerting drivers to potential threats through "driver-assist" warning systems has been shown to reduce the odds of a crash. Using cameras or radar, each tool detects potentially dangerous anomalies, such as drifting from a lane, and alerts drivers to the threat.

Microtechnics - Aug 28

Magnetically controlled device could deliver clot-reducing therapies in response to stroke or other brain blockages.

Microtechnics - Sep 9

In a paper in Science Robotics, materials scientists from the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering describe a new design for a swimming robot that's both powered and steered by constant light. The device, called OsciBot because it moves by oscillating its tail, could eventually lead to designs for oceangoing robots and autonomous ships.

Microtechnics - Aug 30

Engineers at the University of Birmingham have successfully designed a robotic system that can perform a key task in disassembling component parts. The research is an important advance for manufacturers looking for more efficient ways to build products from a combination of reused, repaired and new parts.

Electroengineering - Aug 21

Technology developed at the University of Birmingham could protect the UK and other countries from national electricity blackouts. Britain has high-voltage, direct-current (HVDC) transmission links with neighbouring countries, including France, Ireland, Holland and Norway - an efficient way of transporting electricity, but vulnerable to alternating-current (AC) faults.

Currently 280 jobs in fields Civil Engineering, Electroengineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agronomy/Food Science, Architecture, Transport, Microtechnics.
Selected Jobs
Electroengineering - 04.09
Senior Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in Akustik 80 - 100 % Hochschule Luzern, Horw/Luzern
Computer Science/Telecom - 05.09
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Motion Planning for Legged Locomotion University of Oxford
Computer Science/Telecom - 03.09
Robotics Software Engineer University of Oxford
Microtechnics - 21.08
Postdoctoral position in the field of robotics regulation University of Oslo
Computer Science/Telecom - 07.08
PhD position on robot programming by demonstration Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
Computer Science/Telecom - 02.08
Postdoc in Knowledge-based Self-adaptive ROS2 architectures (3mE19-66) Delft University of Technology
Computer Science/Telecom - 01.08
PhD position on skills for human-robot collaboration Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
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