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Microtechnics - Jul 12
EPFL startup Flybotix has developed a novel drone with just two propellers and an advanced stabilization system that allow it to fly for twice as long as conventional models. That fact, together with its small size, makes it perfect for inspecting hard-to-reach parts of industrial facilities such as ducts.
Microtechnics - Jul 10

A team of EPFL researchers has developed tiny 10-gram robots that are inspired by ants: they can communicate with each other, assign roles among themselves and complete complex tasks together.

Life Sciences - Mar 21
Life Sciences

Through an imaginative experiment, researchers were able to get two extremely different animal species located far apart to interact with each other and reach a shared decision with the help of robots.

Microtechnics - Jan 18

Scientists at EPFL and ETH Zurich have developed tiny elastic robots that can change shape depending on their surroundings.

Computer Science - Jun 24

Told to optimize for speed while racing down a track in a computer game, a car pushes the pedal to the metal... and proceeds to spin in a tight little circle. Nothing in the instructions told the car to drive straight, and so it improvised.

Microtechnics - Mar 13

Drones and robots could build and repair future cities, but only if they can work together ' by copying the tactics of nature.

Microtechnics - Dec 20, 2018

Imagine an electrically-powered device as thin as paper, as powerful as human muscle, and capable of lifting 1,000 times its own weight. Researchers from the University of Bristol have done precisely that, creating an artificial 'muscle' that could boost the power of anything from microrobots to space structures.

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