Humanities - Art and Design

Artificial augmented creativity: A new era of art

Art and Design - Innovation

Artificial intelligence is transforming the way in which art is created and experienced. Are we at the beginning of a new artistic revolution? Or at the end of creativity as we know it? puts things in perspective.

Sandvig, Dworkin receive 2023 public engagement awards

The recipients of the 2023 presidential award for public engagement-University of Michigan professors Aaron Dworkin and Christian Sandvig -have made far-reaching impacts through their work in music and computer algorithm auditing, respectively.

Student-led Showcase Puts Innovative Art Research on Display at CMU

With forsythia petals canopied in archlike form above these words in Korean, Bethany Hwang pays homage to a loved one lost during the pandemic: "The meaning of life prevails despite the disappearance of existence.

Artists assemble! Understanding the shifting memories of Hong Kong and diaspora

Art and Design - Social Sciences

Assembly brings together artists to question what unites a diasporic community. In doing so, it tells a story of Hong Kong in flux and constant migration.

Cleopatra VII: a dean’s lessons on fake news from ancient history

History & Archeology - Art and Design

Arts As Sheila Ager wraps up her term as Dean of Arts, she reflects on what another leader's story teaches us about the limits of knowledge If you ask

Seeing Baltimore through a new lens

Art and Design - Social Sciences

Meet the six Baltimore-based artists whose work will be on permanent display at Johns Hopkins, helping to celebrate the city's flourishing artistic talent and build bridges between the university and surrounding communities.

Bringing Bella Baxter to life: Oscar-nominated costume designers discuss joys and challenges

Art and Design

Arts + Culture 'Poor Things' winner Holly Waddington, 5 other nominees joined annual 'Sketch to Screen' panel The day before Holly Waddington accepted

Museum removes Egyptian body parts from galleries

Art and Design - History

The Chau Chak Wing Museum has this week removed unwrapped mummified body parts from its Egyptian galleries.

Two Artists, Two Portraits

Art and Design - Environment

ISTA Welcomes Artists in Residence Julia Carrillo and Maximilian Prüfer in April.

’walking on rolling stones’

Environment - Art and Design

International artists have been working with scientists from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) in Klosterneuburg on glaciers in a changing climate.

Unlocking creativity: Artist perspectives break free in Michigan Prison Art Exhibition

EXHIBITION After 20 straight years of participating in the Annual Exhibition of Artists in Michigan Prisons, this will be the first time artist Duane Montney will personally attend the show.

’My aim is to give students a sense of how multifaceted the world is.’

Architecture - Art and Design

Artist Rosa Barba is constantly seeking new perspectives. At ETH, she works to bring art together with architecture, science and engineering.

Revitalized Yale Peabody Museum to reopen March 26

Paleontology - Art and Design

The beloved museum has been reimagined for the 21st century with bright new galleries, expanded classroom space, and compelling exhibits accessible to all.

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