History - Aug 21
Used as a propaganda tool by the Nazis and Soviets during the Second World War and Cold War, the remains of a 10th century male, unearthed beneath Prague Castle in 1928, have been the subject of continued debate and archaeological manipulation.
History - Aug 16

Since the earliest civilizations, people have recorded their thoughts and experiences through storytelling, art, philosophy and other forms of expression. Studying these works - collectively known as the humanities - helps us understand the past and ultimately ourselves.

Music - Aug 7

A beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful piano sonata - art and music are almost exclusively described in terms of aesthetics, but what about math?

Law - Jul 26

LGBTQI+ Muslims seeking asylum are more successful if they speak, dress and act in accordance with Western notions of homosexuality, according to a new study from the University of Bristol.

Media - Aug 15

The #MeToo movement has encouraged women to share their personal stories of sexual harassment. While the movement amplifies previously unheard voices, a Carnegie Mellon University analysis of #MeToo media coverage shows accusers are often portrayed as sympathetic, but with less power and agency than their alleged perpetrators.

Music - Aug 6

Researchers create first-ever personalised sound projector with £10 webcam. A University of Sussex research team have demonstrated the first sound projector that can track a moving individual and deliver an acoustic message as they move, to a high-profile tech and media conference in LA.

Law - Jul 26

Countyand municipality-level bans on tobacco sales to individuals under age 21 yield substantive reductions in smoking among 18- to 20-year-olds, according to a new study from the Yale School of Public Health.

Currently 370 jobs in fields Law/Forensics, Linguistics/Literature, History/Archeology, Media, Art and Design, Philosophy, Religions, Music.
Selected Jobs
Social Sciences - 21.08
Lecturer in Archaeology University of Queensland
History/Archeology - 20.08
267/2019, Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (m/w/d) am Historischen Institut Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
History/Archeology - 20.08
IT Assistant University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 20.08
Front of House Supervisor University of Oxford
History/Archeology - 19.08
Human-environment interactions in floodplains since the 18th century Katholieke Universiteit te Leuven (KU Leuven)
Art and Design - 16.08
Kunst- bzw. Architekturhistoriker*in University of Zurich
Music - 16.08
Wissenschaftliche*r Mitarbeiter*in am Institut für Musikwissenschaft Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
History/Archeology - 15.08
Postdoctoral Research Associate - ’Networking Archives’ Project University of Oxford
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