History - Jan 15
Researchers from the CNRS, Sorbonne Université, université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle and the Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac have shown colours formerly painted on the Pachacamac idol, a 15th century Inca God and oracle. Paired with the first carbon 14 dating of the object, these results published in PLOS ONE on 15 January 2020 shed light on colour practices, and how important they were in the Andes at that time.
Music - Jan 15

Complex learning processes like speaking or singing follow similar patterns. Using the example of zebra finches, researchers at UZH and ETH Zurich have investigated how young birds imitate the courtship songs of their fathers and practice them thousands of times.

Linguistics - Jan 8

Even when people believed Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 election, they did not use "she" to refer to the next president.

Music - Jan 6

Scientists have mapped 13 key emotions triggered when we listen to music. Click on image to visit audio map. (Graphic by Alan Cowen) The "Star-Spangled Banner" stirs pride. Ed Sheeran's "The Shape of You" sparks joy.

Law - Jan 13

SIEPR Faculty Fellow Brad Larsen brings a twist to ongoing debates over licensing laws as his latest research shows how consumers don't care about occupational licenses amid online reviews and star ratings.

Religions - Jan 7

A visit by the Pope can renew sufficient religious observance among Italian women to withhold sex from their partners for more than a year afterwards, a new University of Sussex study shows.

Linguistics - Dec 27, 2019

A group of masked dancers, frozen in dramatic poses. A plane descending at an airport, with another trailing in the distance.

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Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Linguistics University of Oxford
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Manager Library Research Services (AT/UD/TUDL/2020-01) Delft University of Technology
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Postdoctoral position - Hernando Colón’s Book of Books University of Copenhagen
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Lektor / Lektorin für Französisch (90%) (Uni) Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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