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Pharmacology - Feb 17
Research published today in the  Journal of Medical Ethics  found that the way informed consent is currently taken causes unnecessary 'nocebo' harms. The requirement of informed consent means that it is an ethical requirement to warn patients about risks of taking part in clinical trials. But recent research shows that the way in which patients are told about these risks can actually cause harm.
Philosophy - Nov 12, 2019

Practice what you preach. Suit your actions to your words. Walk the talk. Hypocrisy is ingrained as a moral failing for most adults, but when do children learn to make the same distinction? According to a new study from University of Chicago psychologists, the shift seems to happen early in elementary school.

Law - Nov 5, 2019

Nearly half (45%) of in-house lawyers have been asked to advise on an action with debatable ethics, according to research by UCL. The research, published in a new report ' Which way is the wind blowing? Understanding the moral compass of in-house legal counsel' also found that 39% of in-house lawyers had been asked to advise on something which was potentially illegal.

Philosophy - Jan 21, 2019

Beauty practices and standards are higher than ever with the pressure to achieve the ‘perfect' body now becoming a moral imperative, suggests research published by the University of Birmingham.

Pharmacology - Nov 6, 2019

Clinical trials provide the cornerstone for evaluating the safety and efficacy of new drugs and therapies to treat disease. While trials are designed to follow established ethical and regulatory requirements, Alex John London , the Clara L. West Professor of Ethics and Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University, said he believes there is room for improvement.

Health - May 6, 2019

For many people who care for aging parents, one solution is a safe, responsible nursing home. But an increasingly common means of ensuring that safety - security cameras installed by relatives - may do more harm than good, says Clara Berridge , an assistant professor of social work at the University of Washington.

Philosophy - Nov 21, 2018

A new study led by ANU has investigated the nature of a cosmic phenomenon that slows down star formation, which helps to ensure the Universe is a place where life can emerge.

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Tutors for the course Philosophy of Science, MMA University of Southern Denmark
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