Humanities - Philosophy

Divisive diagnosis raised in George Floyd case under scrutiny

'Excited delirium' perpetuates racial stereotypes, justifies police brutality, McGill University study finds A movement to discredit a controversial medical diagnosis is being bolstered by a new study out of McGill University. Excited delirium describes a state of agitation, aggression, and distress and has become a common defense to counter charges of police brutality.

Living ethics: a new avenue for health ethics

In the form of a scientific article published at the end of January in the journal Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy, the team led by éric Racine , from the Université de Montréal, is proposing for the first time a formal definition of living ethics and its founding principles.

Between freedom and jealousy: The phenomenon of open relationships

Social Sciences - Philosophy

Today, more and more people are embracing open relationships. Dr. Francesca Miccoli wrote her doctoral thesis on the legal recognition of polyamory. She discusses this form of romantic relationship in the following interview.

Taylor Swift: why academics are studying the pop star

Music - Philosophy

Taylor Swift, who is about to tour Australia with her much-anticipated Eras concerts, was the subject of a three-day academic conference, known as a S

’Long time coming’: Philosophy professor laid groundwork to equalize leave for adoptive families

Social Sciences - Philosophy

It's been almost five years since philosophy professor Carolyn McLeod and a team of researchers at Western released a report arguing for equal parenta

Bioethicist Maxwell Smith named first Chair in Applied Public Health at Western

Health - Philosophy

Maxwell Smith, a leading bioethicist who advises on pressing and complex questions in health ethics and justice, has been named Chair in Applied Publi

Philosophy - Feb 20

An MIT philosopher’s call for a civil discussion on gender and sex

In "Trouble with Gender: Sex Facts, Gender Fictions," MIT Alex Byrne argues for a return to a more inclusive brand of philosophical inquiry.

Jerome Schneewind dies at 93

History & Archeology - Philosophy

Jerome Schneewind, professor emeritus of philosophy known for his mentorship, dies at 93.

Philosophy - History - Oct 31, 2023

Work Semantics / Semantiken der Arbeit

By Claude Chevaleyre, deputy Director of the Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies (IAO). Published on October 31, 2023 . This volume explores the philosophy of Étienne Bonnot de Condillac.

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