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Business - Aug 14
Each year, more than 2 million U.S. households face the prospect of eviction, a disruptive event widely believed to trigger increased financial strain. A new study finds that by the time most tenants land in eviction court, they have already suffered years of intensifying financial distress.
Business - Aug 12

In their evaluations of high-performing venture capital funds, professional investors rate white-led teams more favorably than they do black-led teams with identical credentials, a new Stanford study finds.

Business - Aug 7

Publishing giant Elsevier and the University of California walked away from negotiations over a new contract in February, leaving UC researchers without easy access to some of the world's top research papers.

Pharmacology - Aug 2

New research from two UC Berkeley professors shows that exposure to opioids in the home can double the chances someone else in the home gets a prescription to the addictive painkillers.

Social Sciences - Aug 8
Social Sciences

Firearm retailers around Washington state are willing to learn about suicide prevention and to train their employees in how to spot and act on suicide warning signs, a new University of Washington study finds.

Business - Aug 7

The billion-dollar pet industry now has a growing market dedicated to wearable devices but new research from the University of Bristol has found these devices capture more data on the owners rather than their pets.

Environment - Jul 16

Sharing data may be a vital element in ending illegal fishing - a crime currently robbing nations of approximately $23 billion annually while also undermining legal fisheries management and industry practices.

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