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The MITES grant writer's new book details her experience with epilepsy and offers lessons for creating a welcoming environment for workers with all kinds of health conditions. Do you have a disability? It's a question every employer is required to ask job applicants. Some people quickly check a box and move on.

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The Burchard Scholars dinner series helps create conversations between academic disciplines. The  Burchard Scholars Program  pairs expert faculty with promising MIT sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated excellence in the humanities, arts, or social sciences.

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It is traditionally an exciting moment for universities: the announcement of the results in the Keuzegids Universiteiten. This study guide, which is an important source of information for prospective students, ranks the performance of various programmes at Dutch universities.

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Similarity is not the key, according to this research which UC3M is taking part in.

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded its Consolidator Grants. Two KU Leuven researchers are among this year's recipients: Merlijn Hurx and Olivier Namur.

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The Max Planck Institutes in Bremen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and Martinsried are delighted to receive the prestigious Consolidator Grants, each worth around two million euros. They are awarded to researchers who completed their doctorate a few years ago and are looking forward to a promising scientific career.

UCLA hosts screening of new documentary 'Backlash: Misogyny in the Digital Age' Arts + Culture UCLA hosts screening of new documentary 'Backlash: Misogyny in the Digital Age' November 22, 2023 According to a 2022 report by the U.N.

Reflecting on the success of the Cultivating Talent: A Mentorship Collective program. By Valerie Vaz University Relations The Fall 2023 offering of the Cultivating Talent: A Mentorship Collective program brought staff together from across the University of Waterloo, for an immersive experience, that focused on personal and professional growth.

To help boost Scottish productivity and prosperity, the University of Glasgow has joined forces with the Scottish Productivity Forum and Productivity Club Scotland to deliver a programme of research and practical action.

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STEM PhDs with disabilities are underpaid and underrepresented in U.S. academia

The University of Twente works hard to make its operations more sustainable. At many locations on the campus, you can find places where we use smart solutions to save energy, promote biodiversity or save water. However, these measures are often not very visible. To give them the attention they deserve and to introduce the UT community to our sustainable campus, a new walking route with information boards was created: the Sustainability Walk.

The European Research Council honoured the applications of three UT researchers for an ERC Consolidator Grant. The funding will support excellent scientists and scholars at the career stage where they may still be consolidating their own independent research teams to pursue their most promising scientific ideas.

Study shows how leaders can break down "benevolent marginalization" Western professor co-authors paper on how firms' EDI initiatives often affect disadvantaged groups negatively There has been significant growth in the implementation of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives in the workplace - but that doesn't mean businesses are getting it right.

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