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Career - Sep 28

In the fast-paced corporate world where stress can be an unwelcome colleague for many employees, SFU researchers have found that mindfulness can reduce workplace stress by helping to narrow employees' views of work tasks as threats. Research looking at the role of mindfulness in the workplace conducted by SFU Beedie School professor Lieke ten Brummelhuis and PhD candidate Mariana Toniolo-Barrios is published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

Pharmacology - Sep 27

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a suction cup that allows medications to be absorbed through the mucosal lining of the cheeks. This new approach could spare millions of patients the pain and fear associated with injections.

Career - Sep 12

A benefit of working in the office is that it can spur workers to put in more effort, as they are able to observe their colleagues working (and working hard) more easily. Remote work has become increasingly common thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and left its mark on the Australian workplace, with  knowledge workers  such as accountants, engineers and IT specialists the ones who can and do work from home the most.

Career - Aug 30

Haiko Jessurun defended his PhD thesis at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences on August 29th.

Health - Aug 21

A significant number of healthcare workers have either left their job or considered changing it because they feel undervalued or have experienced discrimination, according to a new study led by the University of Leicester in collaboration with UCL.

Health - Aug 9

Science, Health & Technology Sachi Wickramasinghe Simple home workouts using exercise apps can effectively reduce depressive symptoms in healthcare workers and could be a major tool to combat the global mental health crisis in the sector, says new University of British Columbia research.

Health - Sep 12

More than a third of newly qualified doctors are leaving UK medical schools without any education on sexual misconduct specifically relating to the medical profession according to new research led by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Career - Aug 30

The AlpSatellites project, aimed at verifying the potential of remote working in alpine and remotes areas, is moving forward. It is scheduled for completion in February 2024 and, at the present time, the collection of quantitative survey data has almost been completed.

Health - Aug 22

A new study finds medical students from marginalized backgrounds are less likely to pursue surgical careers, affecting workforce diversity and patient care.

Career - Aug 14

Organizational change can be seen as a threat, but can also create opportunity. How people initially react to changes depends on their placement within their work groups- status hierarchy, according to new research from the University of Washington.

Career - Sep 28

From the #MeToo movement to ongoing cases of bullying and harassment at all levels of the industry, harmful behaviours perpetrated by people in positions of power are proving stubbornly difficult to deal with across the creative sector.

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