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Administration - Oct 3
Industry funders can go to great lengths to suppress the findings of academic research when it's not favourable to the company, Professor Lisa Bero writes.   Over the last two decades, industry funding for medical research has increased globally, while government and non-profit funding has decreased.
Career - Sep 26

The terms and conditions of your employment - including your pay, hours, schedule flexibility and job security - influence your overall health as well as your risk of being injured on the job, according to new research from the University of Washington.

Career - Aug 29

Deaths of prominent life scientists tend to be followed by a surge in highly cited research by newcomers.

Health - Jul 17

The University of Bern and the Diabetes Center Berne (DCB) are together creating four professorships in the field of diabetes technology research and development.

Computer Science - Sep 11

Whether you noticed or not, you are receiving and creating countless data in your everyday life, sometimes merely by sending messages and browsing items on a shopping site. Many fields, such as medicine and entertainment are data-rich, which drives researchers to find new ways to capture and analyze this rapidly increasing information.

Social Sciences - Jul 29

A new study from the Stanford Immigration Policy Lab found that new refugees were more likely to find work within their first five years if officials assigned them to an area with a larger community of people who share their nationality, ethnicity or language.

Career - Jun 12

It seems that new scientific institutions and research projects are all about "interdisciplinarity".

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Career - 13.10
Expression of Interest - Casual Academics, School of Law University of Western Sydney
Music - 12.10
University Assistant (prae doc) Universität Wien
Environment - 12.10
UniversitätsassistentIn – Dissertationsstelle Universität Innsbruck
Health - 11.10
Senior Lecturer (internal candidates only) University of Queensland
Computer Science/Telecom - 11.10
Senior Systems Programmer University of Queensland
Business/Economics - 11.10
Acquisition Content Specialist University of Queensland
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Postdoctoral Research Associate University of Sydney
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Lecturer in Creative Writing University of Sydney
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Research Assistant in Flycatcher Studies Stockholm University
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