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Career - Sep 14
Research from the University of Birmingham has concluded that the process of giving to charity has to be grounded in evidence rather than reaction. The research conducted by Caroline Greenhalgh and Professor Paul Montgomery from the Third Sector Research Centre at the University of Birmingham shows how ‘evidence is crucial to determine whether or not a programme works but far too few funders use evidence when reaching funding decisions.' During the COVID19 period many charities are experiencing a rise in demand from a growing number of people as the pandemic has affected hundreds and thousands of people whose livelihoods and income has been eroded.
Career - Aug 28

Nine out of ten employees who have worked at home during lockdown would like to continue doing so in some capacity, research suggests.

Career - Aug 17

Researchers examined gender stereotypes baked into 25 languages to explore why fewer women enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Despite decades of positive messaging to encourage women and girls to pursue education tracks and careers in STEM, women continue to fall far below their male counterparts in these fields.

Career - Jul 30

Successful women in male-dominated contexts don't always support women in early career stages. An international team of scientists show that this phenomenon is linked to the difficulties they encounter in the workplace.

Career - Aug 19

Motivating people to save for retirement isn-t easy. Fraught decisions around when to start a nest egg, how much to set aside, and where to invest can be so overwhelming that inertia often sets in. Increasingly, economists who study this paralysis have shown that minimizing the complexity surrounding retirement choices inspires workers to start saving - and at higher rates.

Career - Aug 17

Research and family belong together for Sebastian Schemm. The father of two small children leads a research group at ETH Zurich which is investigating atmospheric circulation and its effects on weather and climate dynamics.

Pedagogy - Jul 29

Lockdown has also had a disproportionately negative impact on parents, especially mothers, with a majority noting that they have been carrying out more housework and care New research from the University of Kent and the University of Birmingham has found that mass homeworking during the COVID-19 lockdown has presented significant challenges for parents, particularly mothers, but has also changed the way that many people intend to work in the future.

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Health - 08.12.2019
Allergy / Immunology Specialist University of Iowa
Career - 05.12.2019
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Alberta
Health - 04.12.2019
Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases University of Iowa
Career - 04.12.2019
Director for Supportive and Palliative Care University of Iowa
Health - 28.11.2019
Faculty, Acute Care Surgery University of Iowa
Career - 18.11.2019
Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in für die Koordination der DZIF Academy Technische Universität München
Computer Science - 13.11.2019
2020/6-7 PhD Position and Postdoc Position in Machine Learning Universität Hildesheim
Career - 13.11.2019
Faculty, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surg University of Iowa
Career - 05.11.2019
Modeling and simulation of multiphase flows Technische Universität München
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