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Career - Jul 3
Low-income workers are almost twice as likely to be laid-off or furloughed as high-income workers, according to a new UCL study examining income and consumption effects of Covid-19. The working paper, published by Puey Ungphakorn Institute for Economic Research , highlights that a significant proportion of those low-income workers - 70 percent from the bottom fifth of the income distribution - have struggled to afford living costs.
Career - Jun 25

Wales's lowest earners were ten times more likely to have been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown than those on the highest salaries, research shows.

Health - Jun 16

The University of Glasgow has committed to supporting international partners with a series of high-impact research collaborations to help mitigate the global health impacts of COVID-19. Researchers from across the University have been awarded funding totally £710,330 from the Global Challenges COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Fund to undertake short-term research projects to urgently assist partners in Colombia, Uganda, Tanzania and Malawi respond to COVID-19.

Career - May 11

After lengthy negotiations conducted by swissuniversities , an agreement was reached with the publisher Elsevier to allow researchers at Swiss universities to publish free Open Access (OA) articles in the world's leading medical and scientific journals. This agreement, which covers also the University libraries of USI, applies to all Elsevier journals, including Gold OA, but excluding The Cell Press, The Lancet e several society journals .

Career - Jun 18

With millions of people working from home throughout the coronavirus outbreak, new research has identified key strategies to safeguard mental health including following a regular routine and turning off unnecessary notifications on devices.

Career - Jun 10

New research has highlighted some of the barriers faced by individuals from minority groups when it comes to pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.   The study, carried out by researchers from the UK and The Australi

Career - May 7

BERKELEY, CA– As Governor Newsom promises returning workers access to child care, early results from a new study from the University of California, Berkeley show that many California child care programs won't be able to survive unless they receive financial relief.

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Health - 08.12.2019
Allergy / Immunology Specialist University of Iowa
Career - 05.12.2019
Postdoctoral Fellowship University of Alberta
Health - 04.12.2019
Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases University of Iowa
Career - 04.12.2019
Director for Supportive and Palliative Care University of Iowa
Career - 04.12.2019
Associate Dean of Students of the Ethnic and Gender Centers University of California Riverside
Career - 30.11.2019
Shear banding instabilities in soft materials (PhD topic) Technische Universität München
Career - 30.11.2019
Scherbänder in industriellen Flüssigkeiten Technische Universität München
Health - 28.11.2019
Faculty, Acute Care Surgery University of Iowa
Career - 21.11.2019
Peds Faculty University of Iowa
Career - 18.11.2019
Wissenschaftliche/n Mitarbeiter/in für die Koordination der DZIF Academy Technische Universität München
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